Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Spanking's come a long way!

I easily recall how much of a freak I felt I was back in the early 80's because of my attitude toward spanking.  Back then most guys talked about the size of a woman's breasts.  I was never a breast man, always have been a Butt man.  

Anyway, I drove a route back then and stopped in at an adult bookstore/Peepshow place in a small out of the way town that was on my route.  They had the 8mm booths in the back about 8 of them with different short clips in each.  This was before the internet, DVD's and even VHS tapes.  Low and behold there was a "Spanking" clip showing in one of the booths.  I got some quarters, went in to the booth and there it was, a spanking video.  I'd never seen one before.
This was extremely therapeutic for me at the time.  I no longer thought I was the only one in the universe that got hot and bothered when it came to spanking.  Shortly after that, maybe just a week, the Adult bookstore began changing over to VHS tapes.  So, they were getting rid of their 8mm projectors and the film that went with them.  Sure enough I bought a projector and that 8mm spanking video.  
It was mine, all mine and I watched it over and over and over again.  I no longer felt I was the only one.  It wasn't long after that I discovered Nu-West and their video tapes.  Then came the internet and finding and purchasing video clips and downloading them was great.

Some of the companies doing clips really get it wrong.  You can tell they are an adult video company trying to do spanking videos but they don't have the heart and soul of what spanking enthusiasts look for.  I often ask how they stay in business with spanking videos that are so bad and unrealistic.

Anyway, a book came out some years ago called "A different kind of Love".  At least I think that was the title?  In the book there was all kinds of interviews with spanking models, submissives and dominants in chapters covering spanking.  They had the same overall attitude and view about spanking as I had.  They weren't just models suffering through spankings in their videos.  They were real female submissives who liked and even loved getting spanked. 

There were so many others out there like me.  Folks who were Spankers and spankees.  For me it was a REAL life way of life and also fantasy in that I was aroused by spanking too.  Over the years I can easily separate the discipline spankings and the sexual arousal spankings.

The fantasy part of me would love to live in a town called "Spankersville" where husbands could put their wives across their lap ANYWHERE and give them what for.  But that's me.  If you've ever thought of that kind of town let me know and leave a comment. 


  1. Different Loving is the title

  2. It would be nice to have a town like that. A place where you didn't need to hide who you and your spouse truly are. My husband and I wouldn't be so on edge when have a sore bottom when we go to town.



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