Sunday, May 6, 2012


Yesterday our lawnmower gave up the ghost and I realized it was time to get a new one.  My wife has one of those phones that does everything except make coffee and after coming in from outside I asked her to see what she could do about finding another mower.  There was no "Why do we need to get a new mower?" or "Why don't you do it yourself?"  She knew the old one was on its last leg and that we were only buying time with it anyway and as far as finding items on various websites she knows where to go to find stuff.

So there she was sitting on the couch searching with her phone so I walked up to her and unbuckled my belt.  She didn't skip a beat as she reached up to start giving me a handjob while still searching on her phone.  I love technology.  Not long after that her pants and panties came down and we went for it in the living room.  That happens often and in any room in the house when I get frisky.  

Now the thing is that she loves it.  We've talked about it many many times before.  She doesn't feel used and that she's at my beck and call.  She feels wanted, needed and loved.  One of her expressions I hear all the time is, "I love a man who knows what he wants and goes for it."  Her attitude is "Tell me what you want and I'll do it."  She finds that easier and far less frustrating too.  It's also understood that if she refused she would be spanked and she wants it that way too.  For her it's part of her duty if you will.  As part of my duty in the relationship is to do other things she doesn't or can't do.

The thing is, or what it always seems to come down to is, communication.  We talk about everything.  During our talk yesterday, about completely cleaning and organizing a room by Friday the 11th or sitting down would be difficult Friday after I get home from work, she made some honest statements about what she needed.  Needed in the way of direction regarding keeping on schedule with things around the house.  My wife can be "Sheldon" honest about everything even herself and she made that observation yesterday.

She wants a clean and organized house.  She wants to work on dropping a few pounds and getting other things done and organized but said out loud, "I need direction and consequences or I won't be able to do it."  By direction she means that "I" need to make these goals "rules" and be strict with her by making a good spanking the consequence for not getting them completed, daily, weekly and so on.  She admitted that a pile of clothes she's had sitting on the floor by the washer for days now are still there because "I" hadn't made it a rule that they couldn't be there.  In other words I hadn't made a rule that once I see that pile of cloths she has 2 hours, 3 or 24 hours to get them washed.

She admitted that she works it and that she wants and needs me to put my foot down and draw the boundary.   And she admitted, although she's not joyfully overwhelmed by it, that when she crosses the boundary I've set she needs the spanking to keep her on the path.  But if I don't spank after she crosses that boundary then she pushes the envelope and gets away with what she can.

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