Saturday, May 5, 2012

The many faces of my wife!

With all the drama going on this week in my wife's life she still managed to an amazing clean up job on half of the room she was to finish by yesterday.  It's a long story, and very private, but the drama is over now and finishing tasks will be much easier now.  I've given her till Friday the 11th now to completely finish the room.  She agreed wholeheartedly that it need to be finished and understands full well what will happen if it's not finished.

1 comment:

  1. My husband spanks me because he knows it puts me in my place.It is always bare bottom corner time then otk spanking starting with his hand then with my hairbrush, he scolds me while im in this position. After my spanking I am returned to the corner for ten minuites to control my crying and to get the feel of my hot stinging bottom which I am not allowed to touch. After my control time I am not allowed to dress, my bottom is on show for the rest of the evening, at first this is quite humiliating being naked from the waist down especially as he keeps my mons shaved and smooth but I have come to accept his rules and puishment now.



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