Friday, May 25, 2012

FIST Spanking Fridays

It seems lately that Fridays are going from TGIF to FIST (Friday Is Spanking Time).  A few Fridays ago I put my wife across my lap and gave her a good spanking because she had neglected a room that she knew has needed to be cleaned and organized.  Last week we had great weather and a lot of yard work to do to get things ready so because she had worked on the room a bit more I let her pass last Friday on getting her bottom spanked again.  However this week the weather wasn't all that great for working outside and I expected the room to be worked on a lot more.  It still hasn't been worked on much or at all.  So, once again it's going to be a FIST Friday if I come home and don't see any real progress on the room.  I think I've been more than patient and it's time to get down to business if I don't see a vast improvement today after work.


  1. Well Fridays to me and DH means, no kids because they are both at school! So, yeah FIST is very true for us!

  2. my husband said this is what i will get when i'm a bad girl



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