Saturday, May 12, 2012

Loom and Doom!

I don't want to live life like I'm an Ogre lurking around every corner waiting for my wife to mess up.  And I don't want her to feel the same way either but here's the thing.  She's known since last Friday that I wanted her to work on cleaning and organizing a specific room in our house.  She agreed that the room needed her serious attention and that she would have it done.  This past week the weather has been great so instead of working on the room she made the choice of going outside and working in the yard ALL week.  Now the yard is beginning to really take shape and I commend her for the fine job she did,..on the yard.  However, she didn't just disobey me regarding the room this week.  To me she willfully disobeyed me.  She made the decision to not spend even a minute on the room and do only what she wanted to do and not what needed to be done.

Before her spanking we had a talk on the couch in the living room and I could tell at first that she thought she would be getting away with it because of her kidding around and how she justified doing the yard work instead.  As if that made up for not doing what she needed to do with the room.  Finally, I could see her mood change and I could tell she was telling herself, "I'm not getting out of it this time."  So I sent her to our bedroom.

When I got there the lights where out and her bottom wasn't bared so immediately that made her up coming spanking longer and harder because she knows how she's supposed to get ready.  She slipped everything off from the waist down and slide across my lap on the bed and then she got it good.  Halfway into her spanking, as I could see her bottom went from a silky white to a soft red, I started getting very turned on.  Part of it is the sound of the spanking, part of it is the color of her bottom and part of getting turned on is her vocal expressions.  But overall I'm turned on by her complete submission to what was obviously a sound spanking.  

When the lesson to not disobey me was over I told her to get up on the bed, she knows the position, and she practically flew there.  So within seconds her bottom went from a flaming torch to her vagina being filled with my cock.  Her please for spanking comfort went into moans of, "Oh he's so hard."

Afterward she admitted that she tends to push the limits and that she deserved the spanking.  And she also added that she had forgotten, just a bit, about how heavy the palm of my hand is and how much my spankings sting.  It had been awhile.  So I suggested a weekly maintenance spanking and she said thanks but she didn't think she would need that. lol

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