Saturday, September 1, 2012

Forced Spankings

I could NEVER force a spanking.  In other words fight a female over my lap for her spanking, no matter how bad she needed the spanking either.  To me it's equal to rape and it would be in vain as well.  

When it's understood and agreed that a spanking is how misbehavior and the like is going to be taken care of then that's that.  At times there's a little need to help her across the lap because she's standing there with her pants down and trying to come up with excuses regarding her behavior but she is still going across my lap of her own free will.  She doesn't like it but she does know she has it coming.  She's been warned and she knows she's pushed it as far as she could and now it's time to pay the price.

I've discovered that in the same way long hair is a "Crown" of sorts for many women so too is a blistered bottom.  There bottom has been spanked and whether it's 15 minutes or the next day they get a feeling of being taken care of and nurtured.  They're walking around the mall thinking, "I submit to my husband and I'll bet you wouldn't even think to do so."  For many submissives that's their crown.  They are stronger than other women who don't submit.


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