Sunday, September 16, 2012

Painting Her Bottom with a Nice Red Glow!

So my wife and I had a little talk regarding her not following through with doing what she said she would do, which was painting a newly built wall.  She admitted that she, of her own free will, volunteered to do the job.  She confessed that I wanted it done within a certain time frame and that she agreed she could do that.  

So here it was Saturday around 1pm and she was about to go run another errand which was to take an additional 2 hours of her time.  So into the bedroom we went and this time straight from her bath.  As she placed herself across my lap she explained, "I'll get it done when I get back, I promise."  My reply, as I began doing my own style of painting which turns her white behind to a nice Red, was, "Oh I know you'll be keeping that promise!"

When she returned home she put on old cloths, got the paint, brushes and rollers out and began what she kept putting off.  In the end, pardon the pun, she did a GREAT job.  What a difference a spanking makes.

The End


  1. I hope your wife painted the wall just as well as you painted her deserving bottom!



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