Monday, December 12, 2011

My Story Pt 1

I grew up in the 60's and 70's with my parents preparing me, or not preparing me, for one kind of life and the world around me was preparing me for another kind of life.  Between the two I was also a Spanker.

I grew up watching the Brady Bunch, Partridge Family and All in the Family.  All in the Family, like many shows at that time, was funny but at the same time making a political statement.  Overall the statement was non-bigotry and women's rights.

I was a firm believer that men and women were Equal because that's what I was being taught.  My parents, as I recall, didn't have a whole lot to say about equal rights for women so I don't remember their point of view.  I just knew, as I was growing up that men and women should be equal.  If a woman did a job that a man did then she should get paid the same.

Then one day my wife and I divorced.  She stayed in town for awhile but then decided to move her and my son 1500 miles away.  Our divorce was very amicable so there was nothing about either of us moving that distance without permission, and taking our son.  On day he was there and the next he wasn't and there was little to nothing I could do about it.  At the time I made a far living but not enough to get a lawyer.

She also left around tax time and told me that we didn't owe anything either.  About 9 months later the IRS ceased my bank account and got around $1000, and she said we didn't owe anything.  But before that I got calls from creditors telling me they wanted their money.  She got the furniture, which wasn't paid for yet, and said she'd make the rest of the payments.  Well after moving she didn't pay a dime.  So creditors came after me for their money.

Now the thing is this.  I told everyone wanting their money that she had the merchandize and that they should be calling her.  Everyone of them said, and I quote, "We always come after the Head Of the House."  Here I was in a marriage that I thought was 50/50 and creditors were calling me for their money, the Head of the House.  It hit me hard that the world didn't really see equal rights for women.  What I learned the hard way, that first time I was slapped in the face, was that women had Special Rights.  Now this didn't make me angry or mad at women but it did, has and always will tick me off when I hear of a woman using her Special Rights because she can. 

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  1. I sympathize with your situation. My husband (I refer to him as Daddy on my blog), had a nasty ex that got all kinds of special treatment.

    I'd love to have you stop by my blog and follow me, too:).




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