Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Spanked by daddy and ready for me 2

"Well, first the panties come off when you come into my home." I replied.  That was the first thing that came to my mind and after I said it I liked what I said.  She of course asked, "Why, what for?" 
"It's a sign of submission.  By removing your panties you're openly telling me that you submit to me," I proclaimed.  Not knowing if she would tell me I was full of shit, turn around and slam the door in my face as she walked to her car.  Keep in mind that she was 26 and I around 10 years older.  I say this because time is short and I was getting a bit tired of dating someone only to find out we didn't share a whole lot in common, most importantly Domestic Discipline/Spanking.  If she stormed out I was okay with that.

Instead she stood there and tried working out a compromise by saying, "I don't have to take my panties off to show you I will submit to you."  Now she said that in a seductive way which seemed to indicate she didn't connect the no panty rule with spanking so I replied, "I want the panties off so that if I have to put you across my lap and give you a spanking your bottom is bare and ready to go."

She froze with my statement and didn't know what to say.  I realized before I proclaimed my rule, my new rule, that it was a great way to get to the point.  We hadn't done anything.  There was no commitment to something else and then NOW I bring up spanking.  It discovered that it was a quick way to get down to it and if she didn't obey the rule and stormed out I was okay with it because neither of use had invested much time in the relationship.

She stepped back and that's when I figured she was going to make her break for the door.  Instead she replied, "So where's the bathroom?"  I pointed to the bathroom and she headed for it.  Just before closing the door she asked, "Can I keep them in my purse or what?"  I hadn't thought about that so I responded, "Give them to me when you come back out."

I have to admit that if I hadn't overheard her say that evening she'd get spanked if she was late getting home I'm almost certain I wouldn't have come up with what I said.  But the thing is that I was also realizing by that time in my life that spanking and Domestic Discipline, HOH was far more common place than I every thought before.  There's also a lot to be said about age, that is my age.  You see you realize as you get older what you want in life.  You know that in your past, or younger days, you compromised about a lot of things in relationships.  In the end those relationships have gone and you end up realizing that if you hadn't compromised and just stuck to what you wanted and needed in life things might be different.

You see she had total free will to leave and never call or see me again.  I told her what I wanted and she could have walked.  It really wouldn't have made a whole lot of difference to me because I would have looked at it as not having put a whole lot of time, money and attention into what may have been a doomed relationship when it came to spanking.


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  1. These days I'm listening to The Black Keys song "Next Girl". Here's a bit of those lyrics:

    "My next girl
    Will be nothing like my ex girl
    I made mistakes back then
    I'll never do it again
    With my next girl
    She'll be nothing like my ex girl
    That was a painful dance
    Now I got a second chance"

    Which brings me to wondering if YOU have had an "ex" girl with whom things didn't go so well, which led you to your current philosophy of conjugal relations. If that's the case perhaps you could write about it some time.

    Karl Friedrich Gauss



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