Tuesday, December 20, 2011

My Story Pt 10

She had never had a warm up spanking leading into the punishment spanking.  All the spankings she had received before mine had been full blown punishment, beat her ass spankings.

She certainly felt her bottom warming and felt discomfort from the sting of each smack but from her vast experience in getting spanked she thought it was pretty easy going.  The fact is that the kind of spanking I gave her has a far more lasting effect afterward.

After her spanking I had her kneel in front of me and said, "Now, what do you think you should be doing?"  She didn't hesitate or ask a single question.  She just began unbuckling my belt and slid my pants and underwear down.  I was harder than a rock so once she slid her lips over me I had to prevent myself from cumming.  

We spent the next hour at least having the hottest sex she ever had.  She came at least 3 times and later told me she couldn't believe how the spanking intensified the sex.

A few hours later and for the next few days though she found it very difficult to sit.  Each time she did sit down it instantly shot a reminder to her brain of both her spanking and the sex.  She told me she creamed her pants just about every time she sat down.

She moved in about 2 weeks later and for about 6 months her spankings and the sex was just as intense as that first day.  However, it turned out that she was married and her husband was in the military.  Long story short she called me at work and explained the whole marriage thing and that she was leaving to go back to him.  She had been hounding him to go to officer training to become an officer and told him that if he did go she'd come back to him.  Apparently, it was very important for her to be an officer's wife.  I do know one thing.  Once she had a taste of Spanking and Sex she, I'm sure, had a hard time returning to a Vanilla relationship.

I came out of that relationship learning a bit more than when I went in.  For example, I realized that there are things that can't be Spanked out of someone.  In other words spanking doesn't work for somethings.  I mentioned she was from the South but I didn't mention she used, shall I say, more colorful metaphors when I came to speaking about EVERYONE who didn't have WHITE skin.  It was simply how she was raised and refused to change.

Certain things like gambling or drug use need counseling as a more effective way to stop rather than spanking.  I would guess though that in a very few cases spanking might work but I'm more inclined to believe counseling first and foremost.


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