Wednesday, December 14, 2011

My Story Pt 3

We had realized that we could talk about anything now.  I know it sounds funny but back then, being young I suppose and the way we were raised, you just didn't talk about some things.

We had been married 3 years by then and my wife opened up about how she was glad to I was a real man, in her words.  I learned that she had been raised in a very patriarchal family and when her dad said just everyone asked, "How high?"  But I got the real sense that he was also loving and real nice guy too.

She got her first spanking for being late once again, after I had told her what would happen, and I think she was just testing to see if I'd go through with it.  However, the difference between me spanking her and her father was that after word I ordered her on her knees and to thank me for her spanking.  I added that if it wasn't done with enthusiasm I'd spank her again.  It was her first it far better BJ's after spankings were initiated than before.  After some time I then made love to her and she hadn't orgasmed like that ever.

Our marriage, which was really bad before, took off to new heights after spankings were common place with us.  Her view of me also heightened and that in turn bolstered my self-esteem.

I was forever hooked and would never return to a Vanilla relationship again.

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