Sunday, December 18, 2011

My Story Pt 8

..."You're right.  I'm sorry."  I quickly replied, "I'm right about your swearing or your butt needing to be blistered"

"No, you're right about both!"  She said in all sincerity.  We were just about to pull into the driveway when I kept the momentum going by saying, "Then I think you need to march yourself up to my room and get ready for a good ol' fashion spanking."

She didn't say, "Are you crazy?" or "You can &$#^ off right now!"  Instead she replied in a very submissive voice, "I'm gonna get my butt beat ain't I?"  I of course replied, "That's right.  Or you can stay in your car and drive away."

Now keep in mind this really happened and my heart was pounding as we sat in the car during this verbal exchange.  But, when she turned the car off and we both started opening our doors to get out I honestly couldn't believe the moment.  

I started up the back stairs first and listened to hear her footsteps follow behind me.  She was quite and had nothing to say at this point.  There were no questions of any kind coming from her and as I opened the door and motioned for her to walk in first.  My heart was pounding out of my chest as she took the last step inside and I closed the door behind us.

The only words she said after getting inside were, "Can I use your bathroom first?"  I replied, "Of course," as I hung up my coat and pretended to be casual.  This had never happened like this before without some discussion and time to think.  I sat down in my chair in the living room and turned on the T.V. while she was in the bathroom.

Perhaps 10 minutes had passed from the time she replied, "You're right.  I'm sorry," and I was finally calming down.  In part because part of me was saying she's in there convincing herself she's going to leave.  But only a few minutes later she walked out and in a different tone asked, "Can I leave my coat and purse here?"  I answered, "That's fine."

She asked no more questions and didn't say another word as she turned to walk up the stairs.  One foot at a time in a nice steady motion.  Then I heard my bedroom door close.  She didn't ask how I wanted her to get ready or anything.  As I sat in the chair it was all a mystery to me now as to how this was going to play out.  Was she going to just be standing there waiting for me to enter and then tell her what should come off? 

I gave her about 5 of the longest minutes in my life and then started up the stairs.  She could hear each of my foot steps as they got closer to the top and I wondered how that was making her feel.  I got to the top, took a breath, opened the door and went in.  

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