Thursday, December 15, 2011

My Story Pt 5

Training a wife or submissive may seem demeaning to some, or most, but it's not at all.  I've found that just about every partner I've had wants to know just what makes me excited.  For many it can be an uncomfortable thing to go through.  What pleases or excites one man may do little for another.

So instead of talk about what I like it has worked out through the years that I simple train.  You would be amazed at how quick your submissive or wife learns how to please you when spanking is involved when she doesn't.

The idea was actually introduced by my second wife who wanted me to show her, by training her, just what I liked.  We had kept many secrets from each other before spanking became part of our everyday life.  There were many things she didn't do sexually because I hadn't said anything.  So for quite awhile it was "Let the fun begin".

Some take it too seriously, both the submissive and the Dominant.  Some Dom's feel they're as close to a god as any one can be and some submissives get outraged because they take it wrong.  Oh well you can't please everyone.

I have found over the years that leaving it up to my partner to please me sexually also gets too overwhelming and frustrating.  Isn't it easier as a submissive to say, "I really can't do this or that but I'm open for anything else."  As a Dom, or a husband, if I know that my wife, or submissive, can't do oral for whatever reason I'm going to respect that.  Maybe in the future she will but if it's something that she can't do now, or ever, then that's that.  But, what if she'll do pretty much anything else?  What's anything, or everything, else?

I first want to know her limits and limitations.  After that everything else is open and my imagination leads the way.  And trust me I have a great imagination.

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