Tuesday, December 20, 2011

My Story Pt 9

I wasn't sure what to expect as I opened the door.  I hadn't given her any instructions as to what she was to do in getting ready for her spanking.  I suppose to a great extent that's what was so exciting for me.  This would be the first time with her so I was walking into the unknown and that was exciting!

As I entered and looked around the room I found her laying down on her stomach on my bed.  Her face was looking away and see had her pants pulled down to her knees.  I, of course, had an armless chair in the room and pulled it out and said, "When I say get ready for a spanking it means naked from the waist down and standing to the right of this chair."

She turned her head quickly and said, "Yes, sir," while she sat up on the side of the bed and removed her pants and panties.  Then without hesitation stood on my right next to the chair I was sitting on.  I patted my left knee with my left hand and she placed herself across my lap as though she'd done it at least a hundred times before.

I asked her what the spanking was for and she replied, "For cussing like a trucker."  I replied, "I think after this spanking you'll think more about using foul language, don't you?"  Her reply was, "Yes sir I rekin so."

One thing I've noticed about women who have been spanked before, they don't have a lot of expression in their voice as they get their spanking and they don't fight it.  Their experience has taught them they're going to get their spanking anyway so fighting it only makes it worse.

When I was finished, her bottom looked the same as every bottom I spank does when I'm done spanking.



  1. What was her reaction? Please elaborate.


  2. And such a nice spankable bottom it is too!

  3. Decades ago, back when spanking was less controversial, my then girlfriend had a penchant for provocative profanity. When my objections failed to improve her word choice, I finally told her that she was in for a good hard spanking. Because, as she admitted later, she hadn't been over anyone's knee since she was a child, it took some time for her to realize I was serious. When that that realization sunk in, she began arguing that she was too old 'for that' and engaged in similar stalling tactics.

    In the end, despite various attempts to weasel out of the promised punishment, she wound up bare bottom over my lap and took it like a woman.

    Afterwards, much to my surprise, she had a little smile on her face. Furthermore, the spanking did wonders for her future vocabulary. Because of this and other other first and second hand experiences over the years, I became a firm believer that spanking can do wonders for a woman's tongue.



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