Tuesday, December 13, 2011

My Story Pt 2

Head of the House wasn't a new concept to me because my parents, older sister and her husband had the same concept.  It was beginning to look like the concept was the right one too.  I mean the fact is someone has to ultimately be responsible.  The buck has to stop somewhere.  I grew up going to church and heard that the husband was the head of the wife and so on so I realized there was a new path I needed to take.

I also had to realize that being the Head of the House meant that I had to grow up and be responsible myself.  How could I be the head of the house and irresponsible.  I had realized that everything in a marriage being 50/50 meant that I could pawn things off on my wife and let her take responsibility for but like I mentioned before that didn't work at all.

My second marriage was really good until I started really feeling the Spanker coming out.  It was what's referred to as a Vanilla marriage and I so didn't want it to be.  We decided to move to Washington state and I left first to get work and a place to stay.  Back then it didn't take long, only a weekend, for me to find a job and soon she would be with me again.  I couldn't explain being a Spanker face to face.  Back then it wasn't easy to talk openly about such things.  Go figure?

Long story short I wrote a letter telling her of all the times, maybe not ALL the times, I wanted to paddle her bottom for things she did and didn't do.  Then I sent the letter and sweat it out for her letter to come back.  It was a complete shock to me.  She explained that if I had felt that was I should have put her across my lap and blistered her good.  Just reading her letter and how she wanted to start fresh when she moved to Washington made me hotter and hotter.
I felt like the roof of my life had been opened and the sun and fresh air and blue skies were all around me.  I felt free.  No longer did I feel I was hiding a secret.  Things would be different now and I couldn't even breath until my wife drove up to our new apartment and our new life started.


  1. I'm enjoying your story, but I'm curious of an example of something in your letter that you told her you wanted to spank her for?


    P.S. Of course, if you don't mind sharing.

  2. She needed to be spanked for always, always, always being late was just one of them.



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