Friday, December 23, 2011

What a difference a Spanking Makes!

Well there's a marked improvement in my wife's behavior since her last spanking, which was just this Wednesday.  She took a look at what she could really do to organize and clean some areas and it looks great.  Now all she has to do is NOT pile things up.  If she needs to use an area for a project then use it, clean up afterward and all is good.

The trick for her is to stay on task.  It's okay to have a few projects going on but keep them organized and don't over do it to the point of chaos. 

I recall a woman I dated for about 6 months who I knew was a spankee.  At the time we were both Temps working at a manufacturing company.  I had been there a few months and she had been there about a week.  I couldn't tell you now what it was that I saw in her that caused me to recognize she was a spankee but I remember I thought about how to approach her for a few hours.

Eventually time worked it out in approaching her because she had difficulty with the product she was working on and needed a little help.  The place was very noisy so no one else could really hear what another was saying unless you were right up to them.  I finished showing her and then said jokingly, "Now don't do it any other way except how I showed you or I'll spank!"

Long story short a few days later her ride left work early and she asked if I could take her home.  When we got to her house I just pulled up to the front and expected her to say thanks for the ride and go inside.  Instead she asked me to pull over and park and then explained that she wanted to take me up on the spanking.  

She said it wasn't because of things at work but rather things at home.  She explained that CPS was on her because her house was messy and she needed to keep up on things better.  It would be an hour or so before her kids came home from school and she wanted me to go inside and see for myself.  If I felt she needed a spanking she would accept what every I felt was necessary.  I agreed but added that one spanking, if needed, wasn't going to keep her on track and that I should be checking on a regular basis from now on.

She seemed very happy to hear that from me and agreed.

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  1. Yes I do have to agree with you .I have found that I need those spankings at times to and am glad I am a spanked wife!



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