Saturday, March 31, 2012


My wife has been pretty sick the last couple of weeks from an ear infection.  Her doctor gave her antibiotics that she happened to be allergic to and that caused more problems.  Then she gave her a different antibiotic that she was allergic to and I had to take her to the ER later that evening.

She's starting to feel better now and just when I thought things would get back to some normality she springs something new on me.  I'm at work when she texts that she's found a job that will last 3 weeks.  It's only temporary and she wants to use the money for a special project so I support what she wants to do.  My big concern is the chaos.  We have enough chaos around here and with her working and coming home at 5pm now, for the next few weeks, I hasten to think what more chaos that will bring.  Only time will tell.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Spanking Petition

Petition statement

For those how find it acceptable and right to live a higher standard than most it is put forth;

that the spanking of a spouse/partner by the Head of House be legally acceptable in all cases where consent is given in writing and signed by both parties.

that no legal action can be taken in regard to spousal abuse when such spankings are given on the bare/clothed bottom (buttocks).

that wherein a written consent is signed all infractions will be stated and agreed to. Such statements/contracts can have infractions added to or taken away with each parties signed consent.

that no one may consider spanking ones spouse abuse because both parties believe it is the right thing to do.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

There's always something to Spank About!

I'm sitting in my car outside the Post Office waiting for my wife, and really just minding my own business, when a car pulls up to park.  I'm fully aware that I've parked next to a handicap parking space and next to that is a unloading space for wheel chairs and next to that is another handicap space.  

Sure enough it's yet another young woman who needs her bottom spanked because her selfish needs come first.  As you can see from the photo the white lines are a bit warn but not so warn that you can't see them.  Also the fact that the space is between two handicap parking spaces should send some sort of warning signal to the brain that maybe a person shouldn't part there.   

Now I checked to see if she had a handicap sticker either on her license plates or hanging from her rear view mirror and she didn't.  From the back she appears to be a perfect candidate for a Good Sound Spanking.  First, because of her parking where she isn't suppose to and second because I have no doubt there's more in a day she does to deserve a spanking.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

My wife and the Big Bang Theory!

Unless you live on another planet you've watched The "Big Bang Theory" and know most, if not all, the characters.  A successful T.V. comedy is able to have characters in the cast that reflect people we all know, and even ourselves.

My wife is a female "Sheldon".  She, like Sheldon, knows that she can pretty much guarantee that she's the smartest one in the room, where ever we are.  She doesn't show it off or try to prove it in anyway she just knows she most likely has the highest I.Q.  Like Sheldon she see truth being a higher goal, or principal, than sparing someone's feelings.  In Big Bang it's funny to the point of falling down in laughter but sometimes with her she hurts feelings without knowing it.  If I gave her a spanking for every time that happens she wouldn't sit at all and have to sleep on her tummy.  But, it is something she's working on.  Like Sheldon is finds it straining to be around people who are much less smarter than she is because they don't seem to have much to say except trivial things that don't hold any real meaning in life.

Her personal good traits are boundless and I am constantly learning from her daily.  The fact that she is a teacher has a good deal to do with it but also because I'm an observer.  The other day we were at both Safeway and Walmart exchanging things.  She has absolutely no problem stating the problem, expecting the stores to do something about it and getting what she set out to get.  I'm color blind, for example, and I went to Safeway the other night to get milk.  I'm used to getting the milk with the "Red" cap which is whole milk and instead I grabbed one with an "Orange" cap that was lord knows what.  Even though it was obvious that about a glass of milk was poured out of the gallon that I grabbed by mistake she was still able to go back and get the right one without paying anything.  

At Walmart we stood at the exchange counter line while 6 employees were goofing around trying to assemble new computer terminals with only one person working the line.  Finally, we step up to the counter and are told we can only make the exchange at the counter the idem was purchased at.   There went 15 minutes we'll never get back.  So, we get to that counter and there were two employees chatting away, both females needing to be spanked I might add, and my wife goes right up to them and says, "Is anyone working this counter?"  The one working the counter says, "I am," and walks over.  While this is happening my wife, like Sheldon, is casually saying, "Oh I didn't know you couldn't see us just standing there while you were talking."  Or something to that effect.

Last but not least.  I had gone through the drive through at McD's to pick up a couple burgers and a chicken sandwich.  The chicken sandwich was a buck or so and when I got to the destination there inside the bag was the burgers but no chicken sandwich.  Now this was a couple days prier to us going back to McD's.  My wife goes inside, talks to the manager and comes out with not only the dollar and change for the sandwich we didn't get the first time but also a receipt coupon for a FREE chicken sandwich the next time we go there.  

We complement each other in so many ways.  I just wanted to tell her that she's the light of my life and even when she's across my lap getting her bare bottom spanked she means all the world to me.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Petition for Spanking your Spouse/Partner!

I thought it would be fun, at least controversial, to start a petition making it perfectly legal to spank your spouse male or female.  In my case spank my wife.  Here's the link (Just click the above picture to find out more. if you'd like to check it out).  Please don't read into this either.  This is for the purpose of Adult Consensual Domestic Discipline Only.  I do NOT promote spousal or partner Abuse!!

Friday, March 16, 2012

The Occasional bitch, bitch, bitch!

I'm on a few social spanking sites like fetlife and other forums and I find some things unbelievable when it comes to those sites and sometimes even my blogs.  You go on them and create a thread, for whatever reason, and someone has to come along and bitch about whatever you've written about.  Fetlife, for example is a bunch of kinsters in a social media type environment writing about their kinks or displaying pictures or writing about how they feel regarding anything.  But every so often, once a week at least, there's always a feminist who has to bitch, bitch, bitch about how I and others like me, men who spank their wives, are sadistic male bastards.  And who gave us the right to spank our wives!

Look, if you don't have something nice to say don't say it.  Move on.  We create these blogs and go on fetlife to meet and write to like minded people.  If we wanted a bunch of crap from people we could easily do that by using other none kink social media sites.  Some say I spank too hard.  Others say I should use a leather strap and a cane.  It doesn't mean they're wrong, I'm right or they're method is right and I've been spanking wrong all these years.  It means everyone is different and lives within different levels, rules and feelings when it comes to kink or DD.

My wife isn't thrilled that she gets spanked when she needs it but she would agree she needs it from time to time and accepts that a good sound spanking is healthy for her.  Sometimes more often than not.  She isn't chained to the bed, or can't speak unless spoken to.  She has a mind of her own and doesn't have to agree with me on everything, or else.  She sees, as much as I do, how many women out there need their bottoms blistered too.  So live and let live okay.  Anyway, I think I just needed to vent today.  Thanks!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Training a wife

One of the young men I work with comes into work looking pretty tired and when I inquired why he's not getting much sleep and explained they have a new born baby boy.  My second question, when hearing that from young married guys is, "Does your wife work outside the home?"  In this case it was "No".   Interesting!

I just learned this week that he let the boss know that this week will be his last week because his wife wants to move to New Mexico.  When talking to him I discovered that they've only talked about it for a few weeks but she wants to move.  I asked him if he had a job lined up and he said, "No".  Interesting!

Yesterday we were eating lunch in our lunch room and out of the blue he asked, "Who packs your lunch?"  I replied, "My wife."  His reply was, "My wife tells me if you want a lunch pack it yourself."  Other men in the room chuckled about that because they've heard that before too.  He asked how I got my wife to pack my lunch and I replied, "Well I have my job and she has hers and part of her job is to pack my lunch."  A few of the older guys laughed and replied, "How long did it take you to train her to do that?"  I so wanted to say, "You'd be surprise what a good spanking does in training your wife", but I didn't.  The funny thing is that it didn't really take any training.  For one my wife is mature enough to realize that I work a full day and come home and work some more.  She is a stay at home mom and feels it's her job to take care of things around the house.   One of those things is fixing my lunch.  It didn't really take any training.  And for us it's a no brainer.

The young man in the story is 24 years old and has only been married a few years.  I wish him luck in his life but right now he's carrying all the load from what I can tell.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

A Quiet and Effective Spanking!

There are times when your wife acts up and because you have guests or minor children in the house it may seem as though there is nothing you can do about her behavior right then and there.

The first rule is to never let your wife get away with acting up.  You must keep in mind that she wants you to be firm.  You are the Head of the House and she likes it that way.  But, she does tend to work it doesn't she?  "Oh honey you can't spank me now we have guests." or "If you spank me now the kids will hear."  So the remedy to anyone hearing your naughty wife get a spanking is to send her to your room, bare her bottom and have her lay on the bed with her face in a pillow.  Then grab a plastic coat hanger and start teaching her to NOT act out. 

Your guests or children will never know what happened for that 5 minutes or so that the two of you left the room because the coat hanger is a wonderfully silent stinger.  It's what must be done to prevent chaos and defiance in her attitude.  Once your wife begins to loose respect for your authority things start going down hill from there.  As long as she knows that no matter what the circumstance is, she will get spanked, then you'll have a long a wonderful marriage.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Give her what she wants and needs.

I give my wife what she needs by keeping her in line and out of chaos.  She has trouble with managing her time but works harder at it knowing that if she isn't managing her time well she'll get spanked.  She need direction and even purpose and I feel I help provide both.  For that her world rotates better.

I give her what she wants by being the Head of the House and being responsible and accountable.  I also give her lots of love and absolutely love to have her sit on my face while my tongue drives her wild.  Recently while I was licking her clit wild she began giving me a blowjob.  That's been something hard for her to want to do because of her past but now she goes right to it and I love it and love her even more for doing it.  

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