Friday, March 29, 2013

SpankingToon Friday!

Chaos NO MORE!

It's been that time of the year where everything is "Chaos" for about a month.  With so much going on I accept that my wife is caught up in so much activity that she barely has time to sleep let along make sure our house is a nice and clean home.  

However, the Chaos is over and now it's that time of the year where she's going to be walking around the house, picture above, with her bottom a constant bright red if things don't get done,..and soon!

Spring is in the air so her desire is to be outside getting the lawn, garden and everything else ready for summer.  However, she tends to go 110% into one thing and neglects almost everything else.  That's what I'm here for, in part.  My duty as her husband is to keep her on track with other things she's accepted as her responsibility.  And when she doesn't she tends to see a lot of the carpet!


Sunday, March 24, 2013

After Her Spanking!

For many the spanking and all that comes with it is over once the spanking stops and she's given her hug and cuddle so she knows all is good.  However, there are those occasions when I feel it's necessary for her to, shall I say, cool down.  Her bottom can still be very warm to the touch and a little humiliation can be good for her.  Plus, the more she exposes her body the more she is comfortable with it.

Frankly, my wife will walk around naked when I suggest I would like her to do just that.  To my wife, her body is for my pleasure and if that pleases me then she does it without hesitation.  

Friday, March 22, 2013

Slow burn spankings!

There are two kinds of spankings, in general, I usually give.  They can be administered in a variety of positions so the position isn't important right now.  One is the fast paced from start to finish no non-sense spanking and the other is what I call the slow burn.

I start out lightly spanking her over whatever clothes she's wearing and then those come off, or down, or up if it's a dress.

The slow burn is very deceiving to the spankee because it may sting a bit while the spanking is going but it doesn't really hurt much. 

In fact there's generally little to no crying or tears, but as you can see the bottom gets more and more red.

Once her panties are down, or off completely, it's back to the slow burn in whatever desired position I want her in.

The nice thing for the Spanker is that this type of spanking takes a bit longer so it's actually enjoyable.

It's very important that her entire bottom is well spanked.  This allows for a considerable amount of discomfort throughout the rest of her day and into the next.

When it's finally over she's going to be able to tell for sure that her naughty bottom has been well attended to.  She will be indeed surprised when she reached back to touch her warm to hot red bottom.

In the end it's always "A Job Well Done."

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Women and Traffic Tickets!

It seems lately I've been spanking the women who come to me for discipline more for Traffic violations.  19 year old Lucy is the newest one to get her bottom spanked soundly.

My wife has been very good at not getting moving violations but she does get parking tickets from time to time.  She tries justifying the reason but she always gets put across my lap like Lucy did.

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Monday, March 11, 2013

How to spank your wife!

First, I'll assume that you and your wife have an understanding regarding you spanking her.  That understanding would be that she willingly submits to your authority over her and accepts spanking as a way of correcting her behavior.

Second, you must establish basic rules that she is to follow.  It's best that she picks the first ones.  That way she can't come back and say, "That's not far."  Then you pick rules that you want her to follow.  Start out easy and don't overload with insignificant rules like, she must wear yellow on Tuesdays.

It doesn't take much for me to get my wife across my lap.  For the most part all I have to do is nod or point to our bedroom, as I give her that look and she knows to head there fairly quick.  90% of the time she already knows she's in for a spanking but there are a few times she's caught by surprise.

When she knows before hand that a spanking's coming and I point to our bedroom she usually has everything off from the waist down by the time I get in there.  That's smart because she knows that if she doesn't the spanking will be harder or longer or both.

The key is from start to finish.  That is I start out with sound smacks to her ALWAYS bare bottom and I keep the same impact and rhythm until it's over.  She doesn't like it one bit but if she didn't get the spanking two things would happen.  One, she'd lose respect for me and two she'd feel guilty about getting away with something she knew she shouldn't have done, or should have done.

My wife is one of the finest women I've ever had the pleasure to know.  She has a high degree of integrity and her submissiveness to me is natural and true.  It's no game for her.  We laugh everyday, even those days when I turn her bottom red.  The reason is because with a spanking, it's over.  There's no pouting and being grumpy around the house because I'm upset with her.  I've taken care of it.  She's accepted it with grace and now we move on.

She would never think of putting her hands behind her to protect her bottom either.  No matter how long her spankings have been she has always seen it through to the end.

There have been many times right after her spanking when I've taken her from behind and starting making love to her.  She has even been sniffling and crying as I go deep inside her.  The whole experience of her willingly submitting to a spanking she admits she deserves fills me with passion.  I'm the instrument of her sour flaming bottom and soon after I'm inside her, as she is on her knees with her red bottom sticking up high and her head buried in our mattress, I become the instrument of her excitement and passion.   She likes to be taken.  It makes her feel like a wanted woman.

It doesn't take long for her sniffling and cries to change to moans and groans.  The view of her very red bottom, her long flowing her laid out wildly on the bed, the way she grabs and the sheets and holds on with each thrust gives me reason to pound deep.  When she's properly shaved her pussy is more sensitive to the pounding of my balls and the spanking she just received won't come back to her mind until later when she sits down.

That's how to spank your wife!  


Friday, March 8, 2013

It just seems so right and natural

Seeing a woman across a man's lap or knee getting her bare bottom spanked just seems so right and natural to me.

Watching her white silky bottom turn a bright red always seems to be the natural course of things.

Her naughty behavior MUST always be dealt with in a manner that she respects.

My wife doesn't at all like the spankings I give her as she's getting them but she is the first to say that she doesn't respect a man that doesn't take his wife across his lap when she needs to go there.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Another day at the gym missed again!

There's simply not doubt in my mind that the best place for a wife who dismisses rules and chooses NOT to follow them is over my knee.  The effectiveness of not being able to sit comfortably is a reminder I encourage husbands to follow through with.

So, it's the start of a new week and there was NO trip to the gym last week.  So once again it's time for another reminder that getting to the gym is something my wife wanted to commit to.  She kept talking about how she wanted to get to the gym so this rule was set up as a way to encourage her.


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