Saturday, December 31, 2011

The End of 2011!

I'm one who looks back and sees what I've accomplished or failed to accomplish.  I rarely, if ever, look back at what others in my life have done or left undone.  I try to always go forward.
I hope that 2012 is a year where I can always go forward.  But alas, life is life and what would life be like if we didn't take 3 steps forward and one step back.  

From time to time I can see chaos wanting to rear its ugly head when it comes to my wife.  Some days are better than others but I hope in this next year she will learn, or have to be taught, that living with as less chaos as possible helps tremendously to get through life's everyday challenges.  She does seem to learn a lot better with a sore bottom bent over my lap though.  We'll see what's in store this next year.

I do know that I am going to keep a running count on her spankings this year and see what the total ends up being.  So to all of you reading this blog I wish you a safe and Happy New Year.  I mean a safe and Spanking New Year!

Friday, December 30, 2011

The Black Widow

There was one relationship that remains painful to this day.  She was who I call "The Black Widow".  She was a total con artist and our marriage lasted about years.  It was about a month into the marriage when I saw the lies starting to unfold.  I don't like to even remember her let alone talk about her in this blog.  This will be the only time I will mention anything about her.  Our relationship was a Domestic Discipline but she manipulated and twisted so many things that when she started seeing someone else I was actually thrilled.
Enough said.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Spanked by daddy and ready for me 3

The first thing she did after coming out of the bathroom was to hand me her panties and then, as a way to distract me, said, "What would you like for breakfast," as she walked into the kitchen.

I could easily say that from the moment she walked into the bathroom her mood changed.  Before there was a bit of a sassy nature about her but after removing her panties she seemed, careful I guess is the word.

She made a wonderful breakfast and left no chance for me to spank her.  That was good I suppose.  I had been so bold with the spanking, because of what I heard before but also because she was a bit clingy, and thought that if I mentioned spanking she would go her way and no longer be clingy.

She disappeared after I eat and sat down in my chair to digest and watch a little T.V.  I later discovered she went upstairs to my bedroom and made my bed and put a load of laundry in.  Then without saying anything to her she knelt in front of me, unbuckled my pants and began giving me head right then and there.  All I did was mention spanking and she made breakfast, cleaned my house and sexually satisfied me.  It didn't sound like a bad thing at all.

After finishing me off she was very apologetic about breaking the yoke on one of my eggs.  She was actually worried about it.  As we talked it turned out that she would have been in big trouble had that happened at home.  I learned more that there had been more going on with her father and in fact he had been turned in years earlier for sexually abusing her.  At the time I felt like I would come in an rescue her but it turned out that you can only rescue someone who wants to be rescued.

We dated for about 2 months or so and in that time she got spanked maybe 3 times.  It was too odd for me after awhile and I had to break it off.  I suspected that she and her dad, perhaps with her mother's knowledge too, were an item and it was getting beyond the twilight show kind of stuff.

I learn something from every relationship.  Something about myself and about women in general.  At that time in my life I learned that there are more strange things going on in the world than I realized or could imagine.  I also learned that if I met another woman who looked at her dad the same way she did, once I kinda knew, that I should run, not walk, from the relationship.


Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Spanked by daddy and ready for me 2

"Well, first the panties come off when you come into my home." I replied.  That was the first thing that came to my mind and after I said it I liked what I said.  She of course asked, "Why, what for?" 
"It's a sign of submission.  By removing your panties you're openly telling me that you submit to me," I proclaimed.  Not knowing if she would tell me I was full of shit, turn around and slam the door in my face as she walked to her car.  Keep in mind that she was 26 and I around 10 years older.  I say this because time is short and I was getting a bit tired of dating someone only to find out we didn't share a whole lot in common, most importantly Domestic Discipline/Spanking.  If she stormed out I was okay with that.

Instead she stood there and tried working out a compromise by saying, "I don't have to take my panties off to show you I will submit to you."  Now she said that in a seductive way which seemed to indicate she didn't connect the no panty rule with spanking so I replied, "I want the panties off so that if I have to put you across my lap and give you a spanking your bottom is bare and ready to go."

She froze with my statement and didn't know what to say.  I realized before I proclaimed my rule, my new rule, that it was a great way to get to the point.  We hadn't done anything.  There was no commitment to something else and then NOW I bring up spanking.  It discovered that it was a quick way to get down to it and if she didn't obey the rule and stormed out I was okay with it because neither of use had invested much time in the relationship.

She stepped back and that's when I figured she was going to make her break for the door.  Instead she replied, "So where's the bathroom?"  I pointed to the bathroom and she headed for it.  Just before closing the door she asked, "Can I keep them in my purse or what?"  I hadn't thought about that so I responded, "Give them to me when you come back out."

I have to admit that if I hadn't overheard her say that evening she'd get spanked if she was late getting home I'm almost certain I wouldn't have come up with what I said.  But the thing is that I was also realizing by that time in my life that spanking and Domestic Discipline, HOH was far more common place than I every thought before.  There's also a lot to be said about age, that is my age.  You see you realize as you get older what you want in life.  You know that in your past, or younger days, you compromised about a lot of things in relationships.  In the end those relationships have gone and you end up realizing that if you hadn't compromised and just stuck to what you wanted and needed in life things might be different.

You see she had total free will to leave and never call or see me again.  I told her what I wanted and she could have walked.  It really wouldn't have made a whole lot of difference to me because I would have looked at it as not having put a whole lot of time, money and attention into what may have been a doomed relationship when it came to spanking.


Monday, December 26, 2011

Spanked by daddy and ready for me

I don't recall how I met Angie but one evening we were out late, with midnight approaching, and I heard her the 26 year old say, "I got to get home or my dad'll beat my butt," and I was hooked.

After she dashed I started inquiring to the friend she made the statement to and she confirmed that she would indeed get spanked, by her dad, if she was late getting home.  Of course she swore me to secrecy when she told me about it.

I recall thinking I'd just take a wild stab at taking her out to see if I could get her to divulge spanking in her life.  I was, to say the least, curious.  It's funny how you remember some things and not others.  I don't recall how Angie and I actually met but I recall her insisting I had to meet the parents.  This was in the late 90's so it would seem odd to most but a welcome flash back to the 50's and 60's for me.

Because I was willing to meet her parents on that first date, she said yes to us going out.  I of course had to pick her up at her place and I had no idea what to expect.  I expected her dad to open the door when I got there but instead it was her mom.  She invited me to site down in the living room and asked if I wanted coffee or something to drink.  I love coffee so I said coffee would be fine.

She brought the coffee in, sat down and started in with some questions.  The questions were pretty general like, "Where do you work?" and "Where do you plan to go this evening?"  It didn't go like I imagined it would and I don't recall how I imagined it would go.  Perhaps after 5 or so minutes Angie came into the living room and a few minutes later her dad made an appearance buy walking into the dining room to say hello.  I thought there would be more to it but I suppose they just wanted to meet me and that was how they met me.

We went to dinner and I remember the most memorable thing came when she whispered that she doesn't have sex on the first date.  I almost laughed because it didn't matter to me and because she said it so emphatically.  I worked as a night auditor so I had to take her home in time for me to get to work and I wasn't planning of going to bed with her.  We had a great evening and I walked her to the door, gave her a kiss and left for work that first date.  It was all so 50's I suppose.

Back then there weren't many people who had cell phones, just land phones or home phones with answering machines.  When I got home I found about two or three messages from her that were left through the night.  It seemed she really enjoyed the evening.  

I called her back the next day, which was in the afternoon because of my night time schedule.  She seemed a bit upset at first because didn't dawn on her that I'd been up all night and went to bed around 8 in the morning.  She was thinking that I was ignoring her or something.  I could tell there was something in her voice that seemed held back so I asked her what was wrong.  She then explained that she was hoping to her from me sooner.  I had to explain that I just got up about an hour before I called her.   I could almost hear the electrons connecting in her brain as she realized she had made a hasty judgement.  She immediately apologized for her attitude and asked if she could take me to breakfast or something.  I thought it odd that she'd be so apologetic but what the heck.

She didn't know my address and wanted to pick me up so I gave it to her and she said she'd be on her way.  By the time I got ready she was at the door and still apologetic.  I invited her in and as she walked in the house she suggested we could either go out or she would be happy to make me breakfast at home.  I couldn't pass it up, it was the first thing that came into my brain and I said, "Well if you're going to make something here you'll have to abide by my rules.  It's probably too soon in our relationship for that so maybe we should go out?"

That feminine curiosity couldn't contain itself and she had to ask, "What rules do you mean?" 

Saturday, December 24, 2011

What a difference a spanking makes too.

I parked the car and had no idea what was waiting inside.  I figured a few dishes in the sink and some scattered clothes.  That wasn't even close to what I saw.  There were piles and piles of uncleaned clothes, the kids rooms were more than a mess and I won't even mention her room and the bathroom.
Right there in the living room I ordered her to pull everything down.  I went to the arm of the sofa and put her over my knee and began to spank and scold and spank and scold.

I spanked her for about 5 minutes and took her by the hand to every room in her house, which was really a 3 bedroom duplex.  Probably 3 to 5 minutes in each room too.  I really gave her some sound spankings but she had been used to it I think from growing up because she never cried.  So I though I hadn't made much of an impression.

I think it was a Thursday or Friday and I gave her the weekend to get the place cleaner.  I seriously didn't think she'd be able to make it spotless over the weekend.  

This is what her bottom looked like on Monday and sure enough she did get the place almost spotless.  That relationship could have continued and been successful but for the chaos in her life she was unwilling to let go.

However, today she attends a church where she lives and is actively involved in it.  It took years for her to find a more stable path but she had to do it herself.  So I've learned over the years that there are many things you can't spank out of someone, unless they are committed to change.  If they truly want to change and want spanking to be their punishment for not changing or trying then spanking doesn't work.

Friday, December 23, 2011

What a difference a Spanking Makes!

Well there's a marked improvement in my wife's behavior since her last spanking, which was just this Wednesday.  She took a look at what she could really do to organize and clean some areas and it looks great.  Now all she has to do is NOT pile things up.  If she needs to use an area for a project then use it, clean up afterward and all is good.

The trick for her is to stay on task.  It's okay to have a few projects going on but keep them organized and don't over do it to the point of chaos. 

I recall a woman I dated for about 6 months who I knew was a spankee.  At the time we were both Temps working at a manufacturing company.  I had been there a few months and she had been there about a week.  I couldn't tell you now what it was that I saw in her that caused me to recognize she was a spankee but I remember I thought about how to approach her for a few hours.

Eventually time worked it out in approaching her because she had difficulty with the product she was working on and needed a little help.  The place was very noisy so no one else could really hear what another was saying unless you were right up to them.  I finished showing her and then said jokingly, "Now don't do it any other way except how I showed you or I'll spank!"

Long story short a few days later her ride left work early and she asked if I could take her home.  When we got to her house I just pulled up to the front and expected her to say thanks for the ride and go inside.  Instead she asked me to pull over and park and then explained that she wanted to take me up on the spanking.  

She said it wasn't because of things at work but rather things at home.  She explained that CPS was on her because her house was messy and she needed to keep up on things better.  It would be an hour or so before her kids came home from school and she wanted me to go inside and see for myself.  If I felt she needed a spanking she would accept what every I felt was necessary.  I agreed but added that one spanking, if needed, wasn't going to keep her on track and that I should be checking on a regular basis from now on.

She seemed very happy to hear that from me and agreed.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Second Spanking This Week!

So yesterday morning I'm getting ready for work and can't find work pants.  I look pretty much everywhere I think they could be and then realize, last I looked they were in the washer.  But I thought, "They couldn't be there."  

The reason they couldn't be there is because Monday I spanked my wife for leaving clothes in the washer and dryer from Friday.  How could it be that I give her a spanking on Monday and there are still clothes in the dryer today, Wednesday?  Sure enough, clothes had been moved from the washer into the dryer and it was still cloths that were in the washer from Friday.

That's when I took a closer look at the kitchen and kitchen table and realized both were not how they are supposed to be.  My wife seems naturally prone to surround herself with chaos and it has to stop.  She starts a project while she's engulfed in another and then someone calls, texts or emails and that distracts her and things begin to fall into chaos.

I have ADHD and I've learned that my world runs so much better with order and a place for everything, with everything in it's place.  I'm not anal about it but I am consistent.  When I get up in the mornings I hate turning on lights.  There's always enough lighting to get me from the bedroom to the kitchen, but the path needs to be clear.  Once I'm in the kitchen there's enough light to grab a cup, put cream and sugar in it and pure my coffee that's been set on a timer and brewed already. 

When things are in the way, on my way to the kitchen, and the counter is congested with whatever and not cleared then I get a bit testy.

My wife drove me to work yesterday because she needed the car and on the way I gently explained my morning to her.  The clothes still in the dryer after 5 days and even after she got spanked for them not being done after 3 days.  Then the kitchen and kitchen table.  After getting home from dropping me off she looked around and realized what I had talked about was true.

So she spent part of her day finishing the laundry, cleaning the kitchen and kitchen table and even straightening up the living room.  All went well and she took her bath around 5:30 because she had choir practice to go to.  She was avoiding me, in a nice way, but still avoiding what was to happen.  

My timing was just right when I came around the corner and she just got out of the bathroom, dressed for choir.  I pointed to the bedroom and her eyes faced down to the ground.  In the bedroom her pants and panties came off and she got a pretty sound spanking.  I was debating on spanking in the diaper position, she hates that, but I'll reserve that for next time.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

My Story Pt 10

She had never had a warm up spanking leading into the punishment spanking.  All the spankings she had received before mine had been full blown punishment, beat her ass spankings.

She certainly felt her bottom warming and felt discomfort from the sting of each smack but from her vast experience in getting spanked she thought it was pretty easy going.  The fact is that the kind of spanking I gave her has a far more lasting effect afterward.

After her spanking I had her kneel in front of me and said, "Now, what do you think you should be doing?"  She didn't hesitate or ask a single question.  She just began unbuckling my belt and slid my pants and underwear down.  I was harder than a rock so once she slid her lips over me I had to prevent myself from cumming.  

We spent the next hour at least having the hottest sex she ever had.  She came at least 3 times and later told me she couldn't believe how the spanking intensified the sex.

A few hours later and for the next few days though she found it very difficult to sit.  Each time she did sit down it instantly shot a reminder to her brain of both her spanking and the sex.  She told me she creamed her pants just about every time she sat down.

She moved in about 2 weeks later and for about 6 months her spankings and the sex was just as intense as that first day.  However, it turned out that she was married and her husband was in the military.  Long story short she called me at work and explained the whole marriage thing and that she was leaving to go back to him.  She had been hounding him to go to officer training to become an officer and told him that if he did go she'd come back to him.  Apparently, it was very important for her to be an officer's wife.  I do know one thing.  Once she had a taste of Spanking and Sex she, I'm sure, had a hard time returning to a Vanilla relationship.

I came out of that relationship learning a bit more than when I went in.  For example, I realized that there are things that can't be Spanked out of someone.  In other words spanking doesn't work for somethings.  I mentioned she was from the South but I didn't mention she used, shall I say, more colorful metaphors when I came to speaking about EVERYONE who didn't have WHITE skin.  It was simply how she was raised and refused to change.

Certain things like gambling or drug use need counseling as a more effective way to stop rather than spanking.  I would guess though that in a very few cases spanking might work but I'm more inclined to believe counseling first and foremost.


Redbottomed Redhead: Laundry Lapsed!

Spanking is good for adjusting my wife's attitude and actions!

Redbottomed Redhead: Laundry Lapsed!: I sometimes get distracted and lack the necessary follow-through on basic household chores. My husband has given me reminders when I have w...

My Story Pt 9

I wasn't sure what to expect as I opened the door.  I hadn't given her any instructions as to what she was to do in getting ready for her spanking.  I suppose to a great extent that's what was so exciting for me.  This would be the first time with her so I was walking into the unknown and that was exciting!

As I entered and looked around the room I found her laying down on her stomach on my bed.  Her face was looking away and see had her pants pulled down to her knees.  I, of course, had an armless chair in the room and pulled it out and said, "When I say get ready for a spanking it means naked from the waist down and standing to the right of this chair."

She turned her head quickly and said, "Yes, sir," while she sat up on the side of the bed and removed her pants and panties.  Then without hesitation stood on my right next to the chair I was sitting on.  I patted my left knee with my left hand and she placed herself across my lap as though she'd done it at least a hundred times before.

I asked her what the spanking was for and she replied, "For cussing like a trucker."  I replied, "I think after this spanking you'll think more about using foul language, don't you?"  Her reply was, "Yes sir I rekin so."

One thing I've noticed about women who have been spanked before, they don't have a lot of expression in their voice as they get their spanking and they don't fight it.  Their experience has taught them they're going to get their spanking anyway so fighting it only makes it worse.

When I was finished, her bottom looked the same as every bottom I spank does when I'm done spanking.


Sunday, December 18, 2011

My Story Pt 8

..."You're right.  I'm sorry."  I quickly replied, "I'm right about your swearing or your butt needing to be blistered"

"No, you're right about both!"  She said in all sincerity.  We were just about to pull into the driveway when I kept the momentum going by saying, "Then I think you need to march yourself up to my room and get ready for a good ol' fashion spanking."

She didn't say, "Are you crazy?" or "You can &$#^ off right now!"  Instead she replied in a very submissive voice, "I'm gonna get my butt beat ain't I?"  I of course replied, "That's right.  Or you can stay in your car and drive away."

Now keep in mind this really happened and my heart was pounding as we sat in the car during this verbal exchange.  But, when she turned the car off and we both started opening our doors to get out I honestly couldn't believe the moment.  

I started up the back stairs first and listened to hear her footsteps follow behind me.  She was quite and had nothing to say at this point.  There were no questions of any kind coming from her and as I opened the door and motioned for her to walk in first.  My heart was pounding out of my chest as she took the last step inside and I closed the door behind us.

The only words she said after getting inside were, "Can I use your bathroom first?"  I replied, "Of course," as I hung up my coat and pretended to be casual.  This had never happened like this before without some discussion and time to think.  I sat down in my chair in the living room and turned on the T.V. while she was in the bathroom.

Perhaps 10 minutes had passed from the time she replied, "You're right.  I'm sorry," and I was finally calming down.  In part because part of me was saying she's in there convincing herself she's going to leave.  But only a few minutes later she walked out and in a different tone asked, "Can I leave my coat and purse here?"  I answered, "That's fine."

She asked no more questions and didn't say another word as she turned to walk up the stairs.  One foot at a time in a nice steady motion.  Then I heard my bedroom door close.  She didn't ask how I wanted her to get ready or anything.  As I sat in the chair it was all a mystery to me now as to how this was going to play out.  Was she going to just be standing there waiting for me to enter and then tell her what should come off? 

I gave her about 5 of the longest minutes in my life and then started up the stairs.  She could hear each of my foot steps as they got closer to the top and I wondered how that was making her feel.  I got to the top, took a breath, opened the door and went in.  

My Story Pt 7

I used to think I was the only one in the world who thought about spanking and discovered I wasn't.  So it wouldn't surprise me to find out that many of us spankers, spankees, DD'ers and so on have had similar fantasies.  

For example, fantasizing that you live in a community, small town or city where spanking is not just socially acceptable, it's the norm.  In other words there's a city or county ordinance that says every building must have at least one "Quite Room", that is code for "A Spanking Room" that's sound proof.  I'm sure we could all list things we've fantasized about and they'd be the same or similar.

I had been single for awhile and was going to a Karaoke Restaurant/Bar with a friend who had a really good Country singing voice.  I was really enjoying, at that time, being single because of goals and plans I had at the time.  Anyway, this friend had gone to Karaoke on a Friday evening, I was working evenings and couldn't go, and when I got home from work about 4 in the morning I walked into my bedroom to find a woman sleeping in my bed.  This was a single bed too.  There were about 3 of us bachelors sharing a house together and this was the first time I came home to a woman in my bed that I didn't know.

She would later tell me she was a Southern Bell so I'll call her "Bell".  Anyway, there was no room for me to sleep since she was in my single bed so I grabbed a blanket and slept on the floor.  I'm a very heavy sleeper so she didn't wake me when she got up, got dressed and went to work.  She was a used car salesman, person, woman, whatever and just worked on the weekends.

I got up, made coffee and eventually discovered a note on my bed thanking me for being a gentleman and letting her sleep in my bed all night.  My Karaoke roommate thought that I would have my way with her, considering she was a bit drunk and when I told him there was no way I could do something like that he was shocked.  His world was a bit different than mine because at the time I was close to 40 and he was in his early 20's and still a party boy.

So, I don't recall if it was a day or two or a week later that Bell came back over to the house.  She knocked on the door and me being the only one there I had to answer it.  I didn't even recognize her because she was sleeping so at first I didn't know who she was.  She opened her mouth and this thick South drawl came out and said, "High I'm Bell are you Ron?"  I was sure she was selling something and asked what it was.  She giggled and said something like, "This sounds odd I know but I'm the one who was sleeping in your bed."

Turns out she wanted to thank me for being a gentleman and all so I said Starbucks would be fine.  It was one of the few times in my life I wasn't looking or much interested in being in a relationship so when she asked if she could get to know me better I honestly wasn't interested in making it easy for her.  I didn't know her really and although she was pretty and petite I wasn't looking for a relationship so I thought I'd scare her off by just getting right to it.

"The thing is Bell I don't think you'd really be interested in being in a relationship with me," I told her as we were driving back to my house with our coffees.  She replied, "Why, what do you mean?"  She was quit the swearer.  Every other words seemed to be a "Colorful Metaphor".  So I just came out with it and said, "The truth is that if we were in a relationship together and I heard swearing like that coming from your lips as often as I have already I'd blister your backside.  I don't at all approve of foul language coming out of a woman's mouth like you seem to do naturally."  I don't know, or remember if that's exactly what I said but it's pretty darn close.

Her reply was,....

Saturday, December 17, 2011

My Story Pt 6

I never thought I'd say this but, "In my day..."

I'm on Fetlife at least twice a day checking threads and I'm amazed at comments I've heard from guys who say they can't find that special someone.  I even read that from women too.

The internet has been around for over 40 years now but as for all of us using it like we do today it's only been around 15 years.  The ability to connect to like minded people as increased 100% every year since then.  If I had the internet, in my day, in my 20's I can't even fathom were I'd be today.

For years I thought I was the only one on the planet that felt the way I do about spanking.  If I was 22 all over again and I wanted to know if there were others who felt as I do I would be instantly connected to thousands, 10's of thousands and even more.

I had to be pretty bold, looking back now, to date only women who understood spanking in a lifestyle.  Since 1993, for example, there's only been one woman I can think of who didn't accept my spanking lifestyle.

I still remember telling her she was going to get spanked and when she did get that first and only spanking.  Which was no butt burner, believe me.  Anyway, a few days later she called and very nicely said that she didn't believe adults should punish or get punished that way.  I then remarked that, "Does that mean you're not willing to be spanked again?"  And she said yes to my question.

To her surprise I then calmly and in a very nice tone told her that I wished her all the best in life and hoped that she would one day find her special someone.  She then replied, "What a minute, you're breaking up with me?"

She was sure that by telling me about her feeling regarding spanking that I would just NOT spank her every again, but keep the relationship.  Well, first off she needed her bottom spanked on a regular basis and there was no way I would be dating her another day and not put her across my lap when she needed it.  Second, I vowed never again to date anyone who didn't understand my feelings about spanking.

None of us really have to put up with not having that special someone in our lives, especially today.  However, for some guys I do understand that it can be difficult.  If you're an Asshole, have No sense of humor, look for every and any reason to spank or punish, smell badly and or you're a narcissist and believe the world revolves around you, then no wonder it's hard to find someone.  It's not that you spank or want a DD or HOH relationship it's that you're a jerk and an Asshole plain and simple.

I have found that those who want a kinky lifestyle want the same things Vanilla relationships want too.  No one is going to want a relationship with me, for very long for sure, if I'm lurking around every corner to discipline them.  If I'm setting ridiculous rules even a goddess or god couldn't follow.  If I'm boring to be around because I have no sense of humor or only take one shower a week then why would someone want a long term or any term relationship? 

Thursday, December 15, 2011

My Story Pt 5

Training a wife or submissive may seem demeaning to some, or most, but it's not at all.  I've found that just about every partner I've had wants to know just what makes me excited.  For many it can be an uncomfortable thing to go through.  What pleases or excites one man may do little for another.

So instead of talk about what I like it has worked out through the years that I simple train.  You would be amazed at how quick your submissive or wife learns how to please you when spanking is involved when she doesn't.

The idea was actually introduced by my second wife who wanted me to show her, by training her, just what I liked.  We had kept many secrets from each other before spanking became part of our everyday life.  There were many things she didn't do sexually because I hadn't said anything.  So for quite awhile it was "Let the fun begin".

Some take it too seriously, both the submissive and the Dominant.  Some Dom's feel they're as close to a god as any one can be and some submissives get outraged because they take it wrong.  Oh well you can't please everyone.

I have found over the years that leaving it up to my partner to please me sexually also gets too overwhelming and frustrating.  Isn't it easier as a submissive to say, "I really can't do this or that but I'm open for anything else."  As a Dom, or a husband, if I know that my wife, or submissive, can't do oral for whatever reason I'm going to respect that.  Maybe in the future she will but if it's something that she can't do now, or ever, then that's that.  But, what if she'll do pretty much anything else?  What's anything, or everything, else?

I first want to know her limits and limitations.  After that everything else is open and my imagination leads the way.  And trust me I have a great imagination.

My Story Pt 4

Once I accepted spanking as normal for me and a normal lifestyle for my lifestyle it seemed spanking was going on everywhere.  Back then there were very few companies doing authentic and real spanking videos.  Some companies were doing stupid pretend videos that board the hell out of me.  But companies like Nu-West had it together.  Their acting needed work but the spanking were real.

My second marriage ended sadly and I won't go there but after I was willing to date again it seemed easy enough to date women who were already into spanking or had no problem being introduced to spanking.  And I'm talking pre-internet too.
The key, for me, was to stick with what I wanted and knew I couldn't live my life without.  In other words not settling for second best, just the fantasy.  To me spanking isn't fantasy it's my lifestyle.  

When I started dating a women I wanted to know right away what her views were regarding HOH and a DD relationship so I'd casually through into the conversation how I read about a husband or boss who spanked his wife or secretary.  Believe me there's always a way to put that in somewhere.  If the answer back from her was, "He should go to jail." or something along those lines then it was time to move on.  If her reply was along the lines of, "She might have deserved it."  or "I wonder what she did?"  Then it's more than likely she agrees with the lifestyle.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

My Story Pt 3

We had realized that we could talk about anything now.  I know it sounds funny but back then, being young I suppose and the way we were raised, you just didn't talk about some things.

We had been married 3 years by then and my wife opened up about how she was glad to I was a real man, in her words.  I learned that she had been raised in a very patriarchal family and when her dad said just everyone asked, "How high?"  But I got the real sense that he was also loving and real nice guy too.

She got her first spanking for being late once again, after I had told her what would happen, and I think she was just testing to see if I'd go through with it.  However, the difference between me spanking her and her father was that after word I ordered her on her knees and to thank me for her spanking.  I added that if it wasn't done with enthusiasm I'd spank her again.  It was her first it far better BJ's after spankings were initiated than before.  After some time I then made love to her and she hadn't orgasmed like that ever.

Our marriage, which was really bad before, took off to new heights after spankings were common place with us.  Her view of me also heightened and that in turn bolstered my self-esteem.

I was forever hooked and would never return to a Vanilla relationship again.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

My Story Pt 2

Head of the House wasn't a new concept to me because my parents, older sister and her husband had the same concept.  It was beginning to look like the concept was the right one too.  I mean the fact is someone has to ultimately be responsible.  The buck has to stop somewhere.  I grew up going to church and heard that the husband was the head of the wife and so on so I realized there was a new path I needed to take.

I also had to realize that being the Head of the House meant that I had to grow up and be responsible myself.  How could I be the head of the house and irresponsible.  I had realized that everything in a marriage being 50/50 meant that I could pawn things off on my wife and let her take responsibility for but like I mentioned before that didn't work at all.

My second marriage was really good until I started really feeling the Spanker coming out.  It was what's referred to as a Vanilla marriage and I so didn't want it to be.  We decided to move to Washington state and I left first to get work and a place to stay.  Back then it didn't take long, only a weekend, for me to find a job and soon she would be with me again.  I couldn't explain being a Spanker face to face.  Back then it wasn't easy to talk openly about such things.  Go figure?

Long story short I wrote a letter telling her of all the times, maybe not ALL the times, I wanted to paddle her bottom for things she did and didn't do.  Then I sent the letter and sweat it out for her letter to come back.  It was a complete shock to me.  She explained that if I had felt that was I should have put her across my lap and blistered her good.  Just reading her letter and how she wanted to start fresh when she moved to Washington made me hotter and hotter.
I felt like the roof of my life had been opened and the sun and fresh air and blue skies were all around me.  I felt free.  No longer did I feel I was hiding a secret.  Things would be different now and I couldn't even breath until my wife drove up to our new apartment and our new life started.

Monday, December 12, 2011

My Story Pt 1

I grew up in the 60's and 70's with my parents preparing me, or not preparing me, for one kind of life and the world around me was preparing me for another kind of life.  Between the two I was also a Spanker.

I grew up watching the Brady Bunch, Partridge Family and All in the Family.  All in the Family, like many shows at that time, was funny but at the same time making a political statement.  Overall the statement was non-bigotry and women's rights.

I was a firm believer that men and women were Equal because that's what I was being taught.  My parents, as I recall, didn't have a whole lot to say about equal rights for women so I don't remember their point of view.  I just knew, as I was growing up that men and women should be equal.  If a woman did a job that a man did then she should get paid the same.

Then one day my wife and I divorced.  She stayed in town for awhile but then decided to move her and my son 1500 miles away.  Our divorce was very amicable so there was nothing about either of us moving that distance without permission, and taking our son.  On day he was there and the next he wasn't and there was little to nothing I could do about it.  At the time I made a far living but not enough to get a lawyer.

She also left around tax time and told me that we didn't owe anything either.  About 9 months later the IRS ceased my bank account and got around $1000, and she said we didn't owe anything.  But before that I got calls from creditors telling me they wanted their money.  She got the furniture, which wasn't paid for yet, and said she'd make the rest of the payments.  Well after moving she didn't pay a dime.  So creditors came after me for their money.

Now the thing is this.  I told everyone wanting their money that she had the merchandize and that they should be calling her.  Everyone of them said, and I quote, "We always come after the Head Of the House."  Here I was in a marriage that I thought was 50/50 and creditors were calling me for their money, the Head of the House.  It hit me hard that the world didn't really see equal rights for women.  What I learned the hard way, that first time I was slapped in the face, was that women had Special Rights.  Now this didn't make me angry or mad at women but it did, has and always will tick me off when I hear of a woman using her Special Rights because she can. 

Sunday, December 11, 2011

My Story

The first time I was married was in 1976 and I was 18 years old, she was 17.  We didn't have to get married and looking back now we shouldn't have gotten married.  It was my experience, after the divorce, that forever made me a Dominant who would spank his wife.  This is only the first entry into my story and there will be much more to come.


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