Tuesday, November 27, 2012

When should I spank my wife?

A question often asked is, "When should I spank my wife?"  My obvious answer is, "When she needs it."  My wife can tell by my tone and look that a certain thing is getting out of hand and a change needs to take place.  I'm finding that when that happens it gets taken care of pretty quick.

There are those times however when she hears the tone and sees the look but then something happens that distracts her and it gets put off.   I give her time to work on certain things that need attention but if she allows herself to get more and more distracted then a nice red bottom seems to always put her back on track.

So, when should you spank your wife.  You should spank your wife when she needs to be spanked.  If you've given her a reasonable amount of time to get done what she needs to get done and she hasn't done it then she needs a spanking. 

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Learning to Obey!

I'm not sure why learning to obey is such a hard thing for a submissive to do.  No one is perfect and I don't by any means expect anything close to perfection.  What I do expect, like other REAL Alpha Males who would be called "Dom's" is an honest effort.

My wife will obey to avoid getting spanked.  However, when she gets side tracked and isn't obeying she recognizes a good spanking is healthy for her but by no mean enjoyable.

Holly, on the other hand, has the same attitude but also finds pleasure from being put in her place by a man who does it benevolently.  Holly wants to obey but also wants to be punished because she is aroused by it.

Yesterday I suggested that we concentrate cleaning and arranging a room that was beginning to become a "catch all" for just about everything.  My wife got the feeling that if it wasn't done she'd be looking at the floor while bent over my lap and I could tell it wasn't a view she wanted to re-experience.  So, we had a very productive day with shampooing the rug, arranging and just plain putting things where they should go.  Everyone is pleased with the progress.

Holly, on the other hand, is pleased but showed a bit of procrastination.  Not to mention doing some pouting along the way.  An excellent training method for pouting is her lips around my cock and that's right where they went.  However, she like most submissives, likes her lips around a hard cock so to make it more of a method for disciplining there's a lot of pushing my cock in as far as I can go so she gags.  After doing that for a time the pouting stopped and the right responses began to emerge from her mouth.

It's clear to me now that she will need a lot more training than I imagined.  She already understands that in our relationship she's more of a man toy but it's clear that there needs to be a lot more training in obeying like her sister.  I have a lot of ideas but if there are any readers who want to put in some suggestions and post them I'm open to reading them.      

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Post Thanksgiving Spanking

I probably won't be posting tomorrow, Thanksgiving, so I'll take this opportunity to wish all of you a wonderful Thanksgiving.

I am suppose to have a young lady coming over Friday who needs some discipline in her life.  She's 21, still living at home and her mother's had enough.  So mom's bringing her over to have a "talk" with me and the plan is that there will be little talking if you know what I mean.

I'll let you know how that went if it actually takes place.  Til then have a wonderful and happy Thanksgiving!  

Saturday, November 17, 2012

My wife's sister, Holly.

So I'm at home minding my own business when my sister-in-law comes in to talk to me about a conversation she had with my wife, her sister.

I've come to learn that the two of them had been discussing Holly getting spanked by me for some time now.  The saying, "Misery Loves Company" seems to be a true enough statement with my wife.  She's hinted how Holly has needed her sassy bottom dealt with through a good sound spanking.   
I've sensed from time to time an innocent flirtation coming from Holly but had never given much thought to it.  But after awhile, with my wife talking about her sister needing a good spanking and her throwing out ideas about how a poly household could be run, it was sinking in that something was under foot.
Getting Holly and I in a more intimate setting by spanking her was their way of beginning a poly relationship.  It turned out that Holly wants to be spanked for naughty behavior but also wants to be spanked because it turns her on.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Friday OTK again!

So once again I wake up to find a mired of things still not done that were suppose to be done.  A load of towels in the washer that had been in there for days and needing to be dry because we were out of towels.  A living room that needed to be picked up along with a variety of other neglected things.  Now mind you, all of these things were things I had been gently reminding my wife to do.  I got the same answer, "Oh, I know I'll finish that tonight," or "I plan on doing that first thing tomorrow."

So Friday morning I see none of those things done and headed to work.  All morning I was asking myself why she didn't do those things that would only take a few hours, if that, to do.  Why wait so long.  Then it hit me.  She gets things done when she doesn't get away with NOT getting things done.  When she gets spanked then she gets things done that she's suppose to.  When she doesn't do what she's suppose to do and a spanking doesn't happen then she feels she's gotten away with it and for some reason I'm not going to notice.

So, Friday around lunch I sent a text telling her a spanking was coming when I got home.  There was no, "For what?"  She already knew all of what it was for and simply replied, "Okay.  I had a feeling one might be on its way."  

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Choices and Patterns

I'm pretty straight forward.  I get up almost the same time everyday, even without an alarm clock.  For the most part I go to bed the same time every night too.  I'd like to think I'm dependable.  

By now my wife knows that I'm dependable when it comes to spankings.  It's been chaos around here the past few months and it's just been one of those things.  There was a time when things that were beyond my control bothered me tremendously.  Today my attitude toward those things is, "It is what it is."

I really never need to convince my wife that she's in need, or deserves, or has earned a spanking.  In fact if I could read her mind the moment her panties hit the floor so she's bare from the waist down I would thinks she's thinking, "I can't believe I got away with it this long!"

She does make a failed attempt to offer logical reasons why something didn't get done but the simple fact that she's striped herself from the waist down and getting across my lap for a spanking shows that even she doesn't accept her reason or excuse. 

She knows that in the end the spanking will encourage her to get done what she's been unable to get done on her own.  In conclusion it's very interesting how much she pays attention to every word I speak regarding what hasn't gotten done and what needs to get done when she's "Bare Ass" across my lap.  I may start using that as a way of giving instructions on what needs to be done in the future.

Who knows, it might be that a females listen far better when there bottoms are bare and facing upward?


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