Thursday, December 22, 2011

Second Spanking This Week!

So yesterday morning I'm getting ready for work and can't find work pants.  I look pretty much everywhere I think they could be and then realize, last I looked they were in the washer.  But I thought, "They couldn't be there."  

The reason they couldn't be there is because Monday I spanked my wife for leaving clothes in the washer and dryer from Friday.  How could it be that I give her a spanking on Monday and there are still clothes in the dryer today, Wednesday?  Sure enough, clothes had been moved from the washer into the dryer and it was still cloths that were in the washer from Friday.

That's when I took a closer look at the kitchen and kitchen table and realized both were not how they are supposed to be.  My wife seems naturally prone to surround herself with chaos and it has to stop.  She starts a project while she's engulfed in another and then someone calls, texts or emails and that distracts her and things begin to fall into chaos.

I have ADHD and I've learned that my world runs so much better with order and a place for everything, with everything in it's place.  I'm not anal about it but I am consistent.  When I get up in the mornings I hate turning on lights.  There's always enough lighting to get me from the bedroom to the kitchen, but the path needs to be clear.  Once I'm in the kitchen there's enough light to grab a cup, put cream and sugar in it and pure my coffee that's been set on a timer and brewed already. 

When things are in the way, on my way to the kitchen, and the counter is congested with whatever and not cleared then I get a bit testy.

My wife drove me to work yesterday because she needed the car and on the way I gently explained my morning to her.  The clothes still in the dryer after 5 days and even after she got spanked for them not being done after 3 days.  Then the kitchen and kitchen table.  After getting home from dropping me off she looked around and realized what I had talked about was true.

So she spent part of her day finishing the laundry, cleaning the kitchen and kitchen table and even straightening up the living room.  All went well and she took her bath around 5:30 because she had choir practice to go to.  She was avoiding me, in a nice way, but still avoiding what was to happen.  

My timing was just right when I came around the corner and she just got out of the bathroom, dressed for choir.  I pointed to the bedroom and her eyes faced down to the ground.  In the bedroom her pants and panties came off and she got a pretty sound spanking.  I was debating on spanking in the diaper position, she hates that, but I'll reserve that for next time.


  1. I got spanked in the diaper position just the other day, and even blogged about it:)! I LOVE it!


    P.S. Your wife sounds like she needed a spanking, lol! Hey, I can say that since I'm a woman, too.

    1. Kitty
      I totally agree with you. We need sound spanking, all of us.

  2. Totally agree with your post and understand as I am similar. She is starting to put things in their place but probably will be due for a trip over my lap at some point in the next couple of months. She has a lot on her plate and is improving so I'm going with it.
    I like spanking my wife seems to be intrigued with it at times though doesn't like pain. Saying that to say a couple of years ago she had been complaining about everything and I mean everything! (We are not a DD HoH couple by any stretch) Her complaining was for probably a year. One day I'd had enough. I grabbed her waistband, smacked her backside, took her arm and told her I was tired of her complaining, she was getting spanked and took her to our room. I scolded as I unbuttoned and pulled down her khakis. Over my knee (on the bed) she went. Down came her panties and I gave her the spanking of her life! There was no warm up, no rubbing just a good sound spanking. I know I'm strong and I spanked her soundly while holding her firmly in place. WHen I was through her backside was a deep shade of red. Across my leg I let her know I was not having it anymore and from then on she'd get a spanking if needed. I had her stay in bed to think about her behavior. When she came down she started making dinner. She was different and realized how wrong her complaining had been. She literally said " I think you spanking me really helped me realize that I had been complaining a lot and needed to wake up."
    It wasn't her last but she's not complaining like that anymore.
    Sometimes they really do need it. (And they usually know it!)

  3. I find a good spanking of my wife stops a lot of unpleasantness developing. If my wife doesn't do something she has promised to do it is up to our bedroom over my lap and what follows is a sound spanking. Our kids have left home so what follows is corner time in the family room with her red bottom on full display. She finds this very humiliating but agrees it is effective.

  4. i only have to warn my wife that she will be spanked with the back of wooden clothes brush in the diaper postion and tears come to her eyes! her behaviour improves!



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