Sunday, November 15, 2015

Spanking my wife still means she has to submit to it.

There is always something else in my wife's life that needs to be done other than cleaning the house.  When I first saw the above picture it immediately reminded me of her.  She must know on a daily basis what she should get spanked for but in the end, no pun intended, she doesn't get spanked unless she submits to the spanking.

Now I truly believe I'm not an asshole when it comes to spanking and wanting things to get done on a timely basis.  I understand how things come up and something simply can't get done due to time restraints.  However, at some point in the NEAR future things should get done.

Women Power today must mean that a woman has the right to do or not do whatever she wants.  House work for many women isn't satisfying because it's something that has to be done over and over and over.  But, I compare it to eating.  You have to eat to stay alive so it's something you do over and over and over too.  Most of the time it's something you have to cook yourself.  Not all of us can go out to a restaurant everyday.

I see value in a daily routine because it helps me focus on those things that must get done.  Others feel routine is boring and a vicious cycle.

I think that enough should be enough.  Even if spanking my wife becomes a daily routine because she's not doing those things she should be doing she should, in good conscious, understand why she should be, and will be, getting spanked!


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