Sunday, January 8, 2012

My Wonderful, Spankable Wife Today!

When I first explained to my present wife, and hopefully last, that I'm a Spanker her reply was, "Yea, okay, so what did you want to tell me that was so important?"  To her it was a given.  She already knew there were many things in her life that she needed disciplining for and knew that a good spanking and a man unafraid to give them was something she needed.

There was no explaining why I spank or should spank her, she already knew why she should get spanked.  Another thing that she enjoyed was being taught, or trained, in regard to pleasing me sexually.  To her pleasing me sexually is a duty and a pleasure.  She enjoys me coming into the kitchen and grabbing her behind.  When I turn her around for a kiss and fumble with unbuckling her pants she simply does it herself and not once has she said, "Not here!"  Our sexual life isn't all about my gratification and she'd be the first to tell you.

Simply coming right out with telling her what I want is perfect for her because she doesn't have to play the guessing game.  There can be so much anxiety when one partner doesn't know, or has to guess, what the other wants or doesn't want from them.  She's far more comfortable with me simply telling her what I want and she feels it's her obligation and duty to fulfill that need or desire.  

She was the first to explain to me that if she failed, at anytime, to please me sexually I should blister her bottom but good.  I have rarely needed to spank her anymore during our sexual play time.  Although there have been times when she tries hurrying things up a bit and doesn't pay enough attention.  On those occasions she gets put across my lap and spanked.

Trust me, it works wonders on her and certainly keeps her focused with the task at hand, or in her hand shall I say.  We have a code, like most couples with kids, for many things and they deal with spanking and sex.  For example, I get up early so I go to bed early.  On those occasions when I'm wanting sex before I go to bed I'll tell my wife to come "tuck" me in.  I do that when there are younger ears around.  We'll be driving and she tells me how much money she spent, over budget, on something and I'll say, "We need to find a park and ride."  That's code for you're getting spanked.

I wouldn't say my wife enjoys getting spanked.  If there's enjoyment it would be that getting spanked is the worst that happens.  Sure there's some scolding but there's never abuse.  There's never going to be a time when she gets slapped in the face or beaten like many cowardly, so called, men do.  If she knows in the morning that she's getting spanked later that day there's a bit of anxiety over the impending spanking but there's never anxiety and fear over wondering what is going to happen.  What's going to happen is what always happens.  She gets pulled across my lap, her bottom is bare and she gets a spanking plain and simple.

After every spanking she's been given, and by the way she either asks if it's over or I tell her it is before she attempts to change positions, she immediately gives me the biggest huge.  I mean she clings on for dear life.  It's as though she's telling me thanks for setting her straight.  I love my wife and wouldn't trade her for all the gold in the world.



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