Monday, May 28, 2012

Knowing what I want

I would imagine that every man would love to hear the words, "Just tell me what you want and I'll do it.", coming from the lips of their wife or girl friend.  My wife said those very same words awhile back and was totally sincere about it too.  If I want her to walk around the house with just a shirt on and bare from the waist down she'll take off what's needed.  If she's in the kitchen and I come in and start getting frisky she doesn't push me away or ask me to stop.  If I unbutton her jeans and then start sliding them and her panties down to her ankles she step out of them.  She wants me to have what I want and that's an incredible feeling.

In return I provide and give her what she wants and needs.  It would be better to ask her just what those are but like every relationship, even with a DD/HOH one, there's give and take and sharing with each other.  I do for her because it puts a smile on her face and makes her happy.  In return she does the same for me.


Friday, May 25, 2012

FIST Spanking Fridays

It seems lately that Fridays are going from TGIF to FIST (Friday Is Spanking Time).  A few Fridays ago I put my wife across my lap and gave her a good spanking because she had neglected a room that she knew has needed to be cleaned and organized.  Last week we had great weather and a lot of yard work to do to get things ready so because she had worked on the room a bit more I let her pass last Friday on getting her bottom spanked again.  However this week the weather wasn't all that great for working outside and I expected the room to be worked on a lot more.  It still hasn't been worked on much or at all.  So, once again it's going to be a FIST Friday if I come home and don't see any real progress on the room.  I think I've been more than patient and it's time to get down to business if I don't see a vast improvement today after work.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Just the mention of a "S"

I don't know how others do it.  Other couples in Vanilla relationships I mean.  I'm guessing the do a bit of arguing and shifting the blame when it comes to this getting done or not done.

I left for work yesterday and mentioned a few things that needed to be done because I had not been instant of their priority and when I got home those things were done plus a few others.  No one shivered in their boots or felt that I was being unreasonable.  They were things that had been let go for awhile and needed to get done.

There are times, many times in fact, when I think the girls push things to the limit to test how far they can go and get away with think that's only natural.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Loom and Doom!

I don't want to live life like I'm an Ogre lurking around every corner waiting for my wife to mess up.  And I don't want her to feel the same way either but here's the thing.  She's known since last Friday that I wanted her to work on cleaning and organizing a specific room in our house.  She agreed that the room needed her serious attention and that she would have it done.  This past week the weather has been great so instead of working on the room she made the choice of going outside and working in the yard ALL week.  Now the yard is beginning to really take shape and I commend her for the fine job she did,..on the yard.  However, she didn't just disobey me regarding the room this week.  To me she willfully disobeyed me.  She made the decision to not spend even a minute on the room and do only what she wanted to do and not what needed to be done.

Before her spanking we had a talk on the couch in the living room and I could tell at first that she thought she would be getting away with it because of her kidding around and how she justified doing the yard work instead.  As if that made up for not doing what she needed to do with the room.  Finally, I could see her mood change and I could tell she was telling herself, "I'm not getting out of it this time."  So I sent her to our bedroom.

When I got there the lights where out and her bottom wasn't bared so immediately that made her up coming spanking longer and harder because she knows how she's supposed to get ready.  She slipped everything off from the waist down and slide across my lap on the bed and then she got it good.  Halfway into her spanking, as I could see her bottom went from a silky white to a soft red, I started getting very turned on.  Part of it is the sound of the spanking, part of it is the color of her bottom and part of getting turned on is her vocal expressions.  But overall I'm turned on by her complete submission to what was obviously a sound spanking.  

When the lesson to not disobey me was over I told her to get up on the bed, she knows the position, and she practically flew there.  So within seconds her bottom went from a flaming torch to her vagina being filled with my cock.  Her please for spanking comfort went into moans of, "Oh he's so hard."

Afterward she admitted that she tends to push the limits and that she deserved the spanking.  And she also added that she had forgotten, just a bit, about how heavy the palm of my hand is and how much my spankings sting.  It had been awhile.  So I suggested a weekly maintenance spanking and she said thanks but she didn't think she would need that. lol

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Sometimes you just have to spank!

It's pretty simple.  I told my wife a week ago that I wanted a room cleaned and with some good weather this week she's been out in the yard pruning trees and fixing the yard.  It's good exercise for her and she is doing something.  However, she's not doing what she's been neglecting and putting off for much too long.  The room hasn't been touched and the living room is beginning to show signs of little piles of books and items that don't belong on the living room floor.

Tomorrow, Friday, I'm coming home from work with the expectation that the room will be clean!  If it isn't then her pants and panties might as well be off and she should be standing next to the chair waiting for me to put her across my lap for some time.

Sunday, May 6, 2012


Yesterday our lawnmower gave up the ghost and I realized it was time to get a new one.  My wife has one of those phones that does everything except make coffee and after coming in from outside I asked her to see what she could do about finding another mower.  There was no "Why do we need to get a new mower?" or "Why don't you do it yourself?"  She knew the old one was on its last leg and that we were only buying time with it anyway and as far as finding items on various websites she knows where to go to find stuff.

So there she was sitting on the couch searching with her phone so I walked up to her and unbuckled my belt.  She didn't skip a beat as she reached up to start giving me a handjob while still searching on her phone.  I love technology.  Not long after that her pants and panties came down and we went for it in the living room.  That happens often and in any room in the house when I get frisky.  

Now the thing is that she loves it.  We've talked about it many many times before.  She doesn't feel used and that she's at my beck and call.  She feels wanted, needed and loved.  One of her expressions I hear all the time is, "I love a man who knows what he wants and goes for it."  Her attitude is "Tell me what you want and I'll do it."  She finds that easier and far less frustrating too.  It's also understood that if she refused she would be spanked and she wants it that way too.  For her it's part of her duty if you will.  As part of my duty in the relationship is to do other things she doesn't or can't do.

The thing is, or what it always seems to come down to is, communication.  We talk about everything.  During our talk yesterday, about completely cleaning and organizing a room by Friday the 11th or sitting down would be difficult Friday after I get home from work, she made some honest statements about what she needed.  Needed in the way of direction regarding keeping on schedule with things around the house.  My wife can be "Sheldon" honest about everything even herself and she made that observation yesterday.

She wants a clean and organized house.  She wants to work on dropping a few pounds and getting other things done and organized but said out loud, "I need direction and consequences or I won't be able to do it."  By direction she means that "I" need to make these goals "rules" and be strict with her by making a good spanking the consequence for not getting them completed, daily, weekly and so on.  She admitted that a pile of clothes she's had sitting on the floor by the washer for days now are still there because "I" hadn't made it a rule that they couldn't be there.  In other words I hadn't made a rule that once I see that pile of cloths she has 2 hours, 3 or 24 hours to get them washed.

She admitted that she works it and that she wants and needs me to put my foot down and draw the boundary.   And she admitted, although she's not joyfully overwhelmed by it, that when she crosses the boundary I've set she needs the spanking to keep her on the path.  But if I don't spank after she crosses that boundary then she pushes the envelope and gets away with what she can.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

The many faces of my wife!

With all the drama going on this week in my wife's life she still managed to an amazing clean up job on half of the room she was to finish by yesterday.  It's a long story, and very private, but the drama is over now and finishing tasks will be much easier now.  I've given her till Friday the 11th now to completely finish the room.  She agreed wholeheartedly that it need to be finished and understands full well what will happen if it's not finished.


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