Sunday, April 22, 2012

I spank my wife because,..

I spank my wife because I love her.

I spank my wife because she needs to be spanked from time to time.

I spank my wife because she accepts that it's the best way for her to learn.

I spank my wife because it makes her a better person and after her spanking the guilt that she was feeling subsides.

I spank my wife because it makes us closer.


  1. An interesting site is this.

    But I don't spank my lady -Oh, she'd never have any of that!

    I do however wish a presentable teenager would force her over his knee.

    Then pulling up the knee length dress she always wears up & over to her bra strap. exposing her & her slim thighs and pert bottom, he'd then remove her thong.

    Then (softly at first though)...proceed to administer quite a long - but not too violent spanking via his hand onto her soft white skin.

    He'd continue until she agrees - out loud - to him shaving her pussy hair off.

    Well don't laugh, that's my dream,
    Now for my 40th (next year) she said for ages that something like this she may just agree to.

    I'll be the happiest guy in town despite the end of my 30's! BTW - No sex with him though (she's for me!)
    Just her being spanked until submitting, stripped naked & then told to lie on her back with a pillow under her bum & legs as wide as he wishes...then buzzing of a shaver! All done by a stranger about half her age (36)

  2. You're a real monster.

  3. Thank you for making me look at things so much clearer. You have a talent for sharing and writing.




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