Monday, October 31, 2016

Understanding Submission, Spanking and the Romance of it all

There is a Romance to spanking that few people understand unless you are into spanking.  I think the idea that people have is that spanking is violent and that the person spanking is angry and taking out their anger on the one they are spanking.  Logically they would assume that the spankee is abused because of the "harm" being done to them.  I don't doubt there are those who spank out of anger and that there are spankees who submit to it out of fear.  But that kind of spanking is NOT what I'm referring to.

The Romance of it all is the willing submission the spankee gives or acknowledges to me.  I never spank on a whim and my wife always knows, either in the back of her mind or because it's obvious, that she deserves the spanking.  There is a TRUST between a Spanker and spankee that can't be duplicated in a "Vanilla"  relationship.  It's an intimacy shared that few couples share.  

My wife trusts that I'll spank her just enough and not go too far.  I trust her that when I say she needs a spanking she will submit to it. There's a bond there that's deeper than anyone can understand unless they are in that kind of relationship.

The other day I was outside in the backyard when my wife came out, walked up to me and gave me a huge hug.  It was the kind of hug that said, "I'm glad you're in my life."  It was a huge that I will never forget because it was a direct line.  She made a direct line from the sliding glass door to me.  It was as though, for that moment, I was the only thing on her mind and she had to get to me and let me know.

Like every couple we have our ups and downs but unlike every couple,..we have more!


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