Thursday, January 31, 2013

New rule for my wife!

She can use the remote under one condition!  It's good for her and it's good for me so what's the harm.

Friday, January 25, 2013

Update on my wife's behavior

I'm not surprised to see my wife keeping things clean and getting to the gym like she's suppose to.  I think she would be the first to admit how much she likes it too.  Once something becomes routine it takes less time to do it and you rarely feel that you're going out of your way to do it.  It is what it is and becomes part of life.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

A submissive vs. a submissive wife

I'm not going to write a novel about what "a submissive" is or is not.  What I will focus more on is what my wife is and she's submissive.  There is a difference.  There's "a submissive" and there's "submissive".  My wife is not a submissive but instead submissive.  She sees and recognizes me as the Head of the house and herself as submissive to my authority.  Does that make sense?

Monday, January 14, 2013

My wife's first spanking for 2013!

She can't say I didn't warn her.  Last night, Sunday, I learned that the week before she hadn't made one visit to the gym.  She was told she would be spanked if she didn't get to the gym at least once a week to start and that's exactly what happened.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Taking her when I want.

My wife has recently confided in me that she would have no problem with me bending her over and taking her from behind anytime, anywhere.  It's that way already at home and even in the garage but those are secluded and private areas.  She tells me that she often fantasizes about me taking her that way in stores, the mall or where ever.

"Your the man and in charge so if you want me, take me."  I do so love that attitude.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Hesitant to spank at times!

I have to admit that from time to time I'm hesitant to spank.  I'm not out to control anyone so when I look at naughty behavior, or what appears to be naughty behavior, I focus on the reason behind it.  My wife and I have good communication in our relationship and spanking to her isn't at all cruel or demeaning.

To her, a man isn't a man unless he's the Head of the House.  She recognizes that having to answer to me regarding what she should and shouldn't do is good for her.  There are a multitude of things she wants to do or get done but admits that without the incentive of a good ol' fashion spanking she would probably leave well enough alone. 

In a way it's like a romantic novel where the man comes in and sweeps her off her feet.  He knows what he wants and he wants her, so he takes her.  She likes that because he's man enough to do it.  It's not a barbarian and violent scene that plays in her head but more of a John Wayne you're with me and I'll protect you kind of thing. 

To her, honestly, if a man wasn't man enough to give her that spanking when she deserves it she wouldn't be with him.  I'm not a control freek and I hate to mico manage,..anyone.  But, I do like a clean house and so does my wife.  But she would admit that sometimes she lack the motivation to keep up the house work.  That's where I step in and that's what she wants.  To her, if I wasn't willing to spank her for not keeping the house clean then that would mean I don't care.  She wants a man who cares and who cares enough to turn her white bottom a nice bright red.

There are many women out there who call themselves submissive and think they desire a relationship like the one we have.  However, I have found that the majority of them want it on ONLY their terms.  That's what makes our relationship so special.  I don't spank arbitrarily either.  On the drive home from work I don't think about how I can justify spanking my wife because I'm in the mood to spank her.  Sometimes just walking through the door and taking a quick glance is reason enough, lol.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Are you or someone you know a Control Freak?

Want to know if you're a control freak? Here are eight signs for your self-diagnosing pleasure.  There's nothing like having a Dom who is a Control Freak.

  • You believe that if someone would change one or two things about themselves, you'd be happier. So you try to "help them" change this behavior by pointing it out, usually over and over.
The Key word is "YOU".
  • You micromanage others to make them fit your (often unrealistic) expectations. You don't believe in imperfection and you don't think anyone else should either. 
Life is filled with imperfect people, even Doms.  
  • You judge others' behavior as right or wrong and passive-aggressively withhold attention until they fall in line with your expectations. Sitting in silent judgment is a master form of control.
My father did this to me and it's a horrible thing to go through.  It's perhaps one of the reasons I'm a spanker.  I don't sit in silent judgment and condemn.  When misbehavior arises it's taken care of with a spanking and it's over and done with.
  • You offer "constructive criticism" as a veiled attempt to advance your own agenda.
It's taken me years to work on giving "constructive criticism".  It used to be I'd just give it and now I am far more patient to give it ONLY when I'm asked to give it.
  • You change who you are or what you believe so that someone will accept you. Instead of just being yourself, you attempt to incept others by managing their impression of you.
I used to think that being a spanker was something I should change.  I felt that way in part so I would be accepted when it came to dating women in this day and age.  But the truth is I discovered that being myself, in a big part a Spanker, is who I am and I just needed to be me.  Now I'm far more happier.
  • You present worst-case scenarios in an attempt to influence someone away from certain behaviors and toward others. This is also called fear mongering.
Trying to manipulate others is really such a waste of time and effort. 
  • You have a hard time with ambiguity and being OK with not knowing something.
There are a great many things I don't know and will never know and I'm totally okay with that.  Besides there are a great many things I do know.
  • You intervene on behalf of people by trying to explain or dismiss their behaviors to others.
I use to do this when women in past relationships would vent.  I thought my correct response was to come up with solutions.  I've since learned that sometimes you just need to be there and listen.


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