Thursday, April 19, 2012

Spanking, at times, is simply what must be done!

There are days when coming home after work, bending my wife over the kitchen table after she's pulled down her pants and panties, taking off my belt and giving her a lesson is just what needs to be done.  She tends to get a false sense security that whatever she does or doesn't do is okay.

We have a room in our house that needs attention and once I've mentioned what needs to be done she's intelligent enough to pick up on the hint that she needs to do something about it, and soon.  So today, for example, if I haven't seen anything done with that room by the time I get home then sitting down for dinner is going to be a bit uncomfortable for her this evening.

It simply is what must be done.  I see vast improvements around the house because spanking were given and she knows what will happen if those areas get out of control again.  So those areas are doing very well. 


  1. Yes, it must be with the greatest of pleasure, that you treasure coming home, to spank your naughty wife. Yes, the sexual ecstacy, and satisfying feeling of taking down her panties, and spanking that voluptous naked rear end of hers can most amourous.

  2. As a spanked wife I fully approve when my husband feels a painful reminder is needed and find it most therapeutic having to remove my skirt and knickers and bend over for a sound spanking with the slipper. I am now in my 60's but it still does me good to be spanked.

  3. The spanked wife in her 60s points out an important point what an older woman pointed out to me many decades ago. Women do not get too old to spank. More recently, a woman in her mid-70s admitted that her husband still "paddled" her bare bottom!

  4. i'm a spanked wife my husband belives a woman is never to old for a spanking

  5. Regarding age, I was speaking with a neighbor woman a couple of years ago. She was a widow in her late 80's
    and was speaking about something she did or hadn't done I don't remember but it was nothing serious as I recall.
    She was smiling but nonchalantly, very matter of fact said "I need a beating." I smiled politely accepting that this probably was normal life for a woman or wife from her era.

  6. Have to agree, sometimes it just needs to be done. My wife is not into spanking but has learned that she sometimes needs one and when that's the case then she's getting spanked. And it's always on her bare behind until it's bright red.



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