Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Why does a DD/HOH work with Spanking?

Those who don't understand spanking in marriage or relationships are missing out.  For the most part those who don't understand it think it's abusive and you must either be a masochist to receive spankings or a sadist to give them.  I'm no sadist and my wife is definitely not a masochist.  She receives a tremendous amount of respect from me because of her submissive to my authority and that can't be measured.

She knows just by seeing my actions that I'm making decisions that I feel are best for the whole family and not just selfish ones that benefit me.  I don't issue orders for things to be done and then set on my ass all day and do nothing.  She knows if something from me needs to be done I'll do it either right away or in a very reasonable amount of time.

She also knows that she does things that she wants and needs to do but leaves other things undone that need to be done.  For her spanking is what works.  I don't grab her by the wrist and pull her across my lap and wail away either.  It's a very calm process.  I tell her she's getting a spanking, sit down and she comes over to my right side.  She'll at times, try to talk her way out of it, but she's usually doing that while she's pulling her pants and panties down.  Then she lays across my lap and I remind her what the spanking is for and it starts.

She willingly submits to the spankings because it works for us and it quit frankly "just seems right".  


  1. At spanking time, I did what I was told. I would bring him a paddle, that I sure didn't want to bring him. I would strip bare from the waist down as he scold me. When he said it was time, I would put myself over his lap, but sure didn't want too. Sometimes he would have me bend over and reach back and spread my bun for an rectal examination or suppositories insertions.

  2. I willingly submit to my spankings because I deserve them. When my husband takes the time to paddle my bare bottom, I know he loves me and is only doing it to preserve our relationship. We never fight. If I get out of hand I get a spanking. A bare bottom spanking. I get maintenance spankings every weekend and punishment spankings when he says I deserve them. I also get a "you better behave tonight" spanking when going to one of his friends house. I do not really like his friends wife. So before we go over to their house, I go over his knee for 20 hard swats with a small wooden paddle with holes in it on my bare bottom. I always wear a dress to their house and never wear underwear. I can feel the heat in my bottom most of the night. IF I misbehave I know as soon as we walk in the house, I will go over the back of the couch for a stinging punishment spanking. Most of the time I behave.
    One night I did not and I got a hard spanking with his belt and a large sorority type paddle with holes in it. OUCH.



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