Sunday, October 6, 2013

A good wife, a good spanking!

Usually it takes a minute or two into her spanking before there's much of a fuss.  A fuss might be my wife simply getting louder vocally as the spanking goes on.  This time she was a bit more emotional because the parking tickets turned out to be more than we were told because of extra fees.  Plus the time, gas and extra trouble it took to get to the court house.  

She certainly got spanked and it was sound but this time she was crying 20 seconds into the spanking and by a minute she was putting her hand back to protect her bottom.  This is something she's never done before so I didn't see it a rebellious and trying to get out of the spanking.  The crying and the hand back there was telling me she was REALLY sorry and also emotional.  I kept going but didn't make the spanking as long and as hard as I have in the past and the next day she suggested we finish the spanking because in her mind it wasn't has hard and long as it should have been.

That's another reason why I love her.  But the fact is it's over.  She was spanked emotionally and then physically so there's no need to spank again for her tickets.  I just don't want to see unpaid tickets, or tickets again.

Thursday, October 3, 2013


So, I go on line this morning to update the License Tabs on our car but discover I can't because of UNPAID PARKING TICKETS!  I know they're not MY parking tickets and since no one else drives the car except my wife it must be her.

Now we not only have to pay for tabs but can't get the tabs until we pay for parking tickets.  I think a good morning spanking is totally in order this morning.  Since my wife gets up and goes through her emails first thing I'm sure she will see this also.  So, I will be expecting her to text me when she's ready for her spanking this morning.


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