Saturday, August 30, 2014

A Good Spanking Works Wonders!

The "modern woman" today has far more choices than the women of my mother's generation.  In many ways that's a very good thing but through the years I've observed that every positive movement or action has a negative one too.
Having more choices is a good thing when we make the right choice to do or not do something.  My wife and I have an agreement that certain things are to be done around the house by her.  If and when they aren't done then she has been and is in total agreement that she should get spanked when things aren't done.
When she makes the choice to do what needs to be done then everything is fine.  When she makes the choice to not do what needs to be done then that's when spankings happen.
My wife has the ability to see what needs to be done but gets side tracked with doing something else instead.  And from her point of view this thing that side stepped her from doing other things that should get done, well it just "came up".  She doesn't see that she had a lot to do with causing it to just "come up" and side track her from other things that need to be done.
It's not just important to me that certain things get done on a regular basis but it's important for our family unit as a whole.  She has filled her schedule with so much this coming fall that she can NOT add one more thing.
I am tired of new activities happening and old activities like cleaning the house go by the way side.  If she has time to do new activities then she has time to keep up the house.  
So back to choices.  She has made the choice to engage in a new activity this year, keeping all the activities from last year, so I feel it's fair that if things aren't done around the house then this fall is going to see her across my lap on a very regular basis.


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