Friday, November 29, 2013

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Some words from a non-spanking enthusiast!

Here's a message a reader just had to leave so I thought I'd post it.  Feel free to leave your own comment regarding her words of wisdom.

I really think you people are a bit bizzarre. If the man is "the man", then he should help his wife in every way. Brag on her when she pleases you - I mean for the boring that NO BODY wants to do - cleaning bathroom, vacuum the floors - that is boring and should be rewarded. For me, sex would be a good reward. Also, I hear a lot on these sites about "the man" demanding oral sex when she "can't" give him regular sex!Hello? Didn't any of you have sisters or female cousins? If you are the "true leader", then you should give the woman head all the time - except "that time", if neither of you wants. And you should DEFINITELY help her with diet restrictions during that time (constipation is a primary cause of severe pain in women of child-bearing age at that time of the month. How can you say you are "spanking " her for her own good and don't know anything about women? If you believe the premise that a woman NEEDS a man to "take care of her", then TAKE CARE OF HER!!! Don't lecture - you aren't so stupid that you believe that is for her own good; it's nagging, impure & dishonest. Pet her or cuddle or whatever works after she is spanked and put ice on her owiees. Make sure she is hydrated. If you whip & whip & lecture & stand her in a corner & don't praise her and you OBJECT TO EVERY THOUT she has, you are NOT a loving husband. You are an abuser. Withholding affection, constantly criticizing and not keeping her receiving the basic physical needs that would be afforded a woman criminal in an American prison is not creating a perfect wife. It's sick and you will be a sad, sad man because your wife will lose her vitality & all the traits you felt worthy in the beginning.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Spank Her 4 Real Training Videos enter a NEW stage!

One of the things I was keenly aware of in the World of Spanking between couples, was sex.  A huge majority of couples into DD, HOH and just plain spanking incorporate sex in their play.  They don't incorporate sex all the time because many DD and HOH couples also use spanking as straight punishment as I do in my relationship with my wife.  However, it seemed that this topic was almost taboo and to include sex with spanking was like a hidden secret for many Spankers and spankees.  

I read comments from viewers where my video demos are posted and the majority who comment on my "Training Videos" love them but occasionally there is a negative comment from someone who thinks the two shouldn't go together.  You know, what goes on between to consenting adults is their business.  Our viewers and customers really like our "Training Videos" but they also really like our straight forward "Spanking Videos" too.

Every creative genre tries something and if it works they improve on it and if it doesn't they move.  Our Training Videos work really well but it's time to move on to a different phase with them.  I love my wife in more ways than I can express and Spank Her 4 Real Training Videos have been uncomfortable for her to even know that I do them.  I have wanted to continue doing them but only as the director and editor if you will.  It's been uncomfortable for me too so I've decided that I've done my last "Training Video" as the Spanker, or Trainer.

Our next stage of "Training Videos" will be to find "Real Couples" who would like to do them on a regular basis or to find a "Spanker" who can take my place.  I'm really looking forward to this new stage because it provides a wider variety for our "Training Video" genre.

The most important thing to me isn't money, fame, power or sex.  I've learned over the years that it really comes down to being happy and enjoying your everyday life.  In saying that I want my family to be happy and enjoy life as well.  Doing the "Training Videos" does cause my wife to feel uncomfortable about them and to be honest me too.  I've done what I wanted to do with them because I hadn't seen any "Training" videos from spanking video companies.  Now we have them, their available and that's that.  Like I wrote before I really want to produce, direct and edit them from now and no longer be in them.

I'm going to start a simple search for a Spanker to take my place in them and would like to also find Real Couples who would like to do them.  It's funny but I really feel liberated in making this decision.  In a small part because I'm getting older everyday.  And who wants to see an old guy in those kinds of videos anyway?  But more important because I want NOTHING to get between my wife and me when it comes to our love for each other and the Training Videos put an unnecessary strain on our relationship were none needed to be.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Don't be a Sadistic Spanker!

If I've learned anything about spanking it's that you can't just spank because you can.  My wife has been going through a very rough time do to stomach problems.  Her doctor started her on a medication that seemed to provide some relief of the pain for awhile but it wasn't doing the job completely.  More tests were done and now new medication should take care of what was going on.

So I explained that to explain that during the last 3 or 4 months things, as in rules, haven't been getting done.  Any other asshole Dominant Husband might just spank away and not consider other factors.  I don't spank just to spank.  I look at as much of what's going on as I can.  Are there emotional issues going on that need to be addressed, such as illness, a death in the family or a friend and so on.  You can't just spank because you want to spank that's not right.  

Things have gotten lax around the house but with this new medication I'm hoping first and foremost that my wife is feeling better and back to her ol' self.  Once she is it will be much easier for her to get caught up with things.  It's not just what I want in the matter it's also what she wants.  She wants things to be in order and clean.  She wants to go to the gym on a regular basis.  But first she wants to feel better and not be in pain all the time.


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