Tuesday, July 31, 2012

I've been MORE than patient!

I have been more than patient with my wife but that has ended.  I expect the kitchen table to be cleared and clean, the kitchen cleaned and the living spotless when I get home tonight.  If they're not then she might as well be in the bedroom ready for a more than good ol' fashion spanking, a butt burner!

Sunday, July 29, 2012

A little more about Me

Doris Day's bottom from "Teacher's Pet"

I was born during in the worst recession since WWII, the average cost of a house was $12,750, the average rent was $92 a month, gas was 25 cents a gallon, a first class postage stamp was 4 cents, minimum wage was $1 hour and men were men and women were glad they were.

Those times weren't perfect of course.  No time in history has been perfect and that's a fact.  I recall knowing a few kids who's parents were divorced and that's it.  Back then 99% of the kids I grew up with had parents who weren't divorced and if they were being raised by a single parent it was most likely because their father or mother had died.

I don't recall any of us kids being worried about strangers grabbing us off the play grounds or even hearing about it on the news.  Times really were different back then.

I recall going to a private school that used corporal punishment as one method of discipline.  To offset tuition my parents and I, mostly my mom and I, cleaned the small school as I recall 3 times a week.  I remember one afternoon my mom was running late and instead of cleaning I got curious and started looking around the school.  There were classrooms I'd never been in and wanted to check them out.

I was just about to open double doors that went into the higher grade part of the school when I heard the distinctive sound of smacks.  They seemed to bounce off every wall and it was hard to pin point were the smacks were coming from but it was definitely flesh on flesh, so to speak.  It wasn't long into the smacks that the crying began and I could tell it was a female who was getting spanked.

The spanking went on for a few minutes and from what I recall there was no scolding or pleas from the spankee to stop.  When the spanking finally ended and there was only crying one of the male teachers at the school left the room and headed down the hall.  It wasn't a long hall way and it didn't take long before he had grabbed his suitcase and was locking the door behind him.  About the same time he got to the classroom door that he had come out of it opened and out stepped his wife who was also a teacher there at the school.

After giving him a hug and them both walking down the small set of stares to leave the building it hadn't occurred to me yet that she was the one getting the spanking.

I can't begin to explain how I felt that day.  I think I was 12 or 13 and even though I didn't see anything I was hard as a rock.  The sounds and visual image of her getting spanked had stirred up an excitement I'd never felt before.

After that event I began noticing spankings going on in the world far more than I ever thought.  It was in the movies with John Wayne and other actors too.  It wasn't long, I recall, that I saw spanking as more or less normal.  What I didn't think was normal at all was getting sexually aroused by it.  I mean I didn't just get hard I got ROCK hard.  I could view pictures in say "Playboy" and I'd get aroused but if I viewed the same pictures and fantasized I was spanking them, or going to, I'd get even more aroused.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Time Warp recalls spanking memories

I was clicking through channels looking for something to watch when I came upon a channel that shows mostly T.V. shows from the 60's and 70's and man what a Time Warp.  So I started doing a search of T.V. shows I used to watch back then like "That Girl".

an "Here comes the Bride"


"I Dream of Jeannie"

"Gilligan's Island"


"Brady Bunch" and the list goes on and on.  One BIG reoccurring  theme was cut girls who seemed to get into some kind of trouble and needed there naughty bottoms spanked.  So many of those girls could do the "Pout" look so well.  Bewitched, That Girl, I Dream of Jeannie could give that look of "I'm getting spanked aren't I?"

Not much has changed from those days.  I still see that look from my wife.  To me it's pretty adorable.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

It's just normal to me!

I have a neighbor who seems to spend most of his time working on cars.  Not only do I not work on cars I strongly dislike putting gas in my car. 

Others collect coins and act like it's the most important thing a person could do. 

They say golfing is a great sport and that it's very relaxing, or can be.  I suppose it could be fun if that's what you're into.

All of those things are, I guess, normal activities for people to do.  And honestly the list is endless regarding what people find normal activities.  However, none of the above activities are even remotely normal activities for me to participate in.  I would have to say that the list of other activities that people participate in that I don't is pretty long.  My list of things I like to do may be similar to many and differ greatly from some or most.

It's normal for me to get excited when I see a picture like the one above.  In fact I was excited when I got the idea to place the camera under the chair to film the spanking.  What's normal to me may be normal for some or many and not for most but that's okay.  Thanks to the internet we who are into spanking have discovered we're not alone.  There are thousands, if not millions who feel the same as we do.  A saying at work I hear all the time applies to your feelings regarding spanking.  "It is what it is."  So don't try to convince yourself that you're not normal.  Just because you are into spanking doesn't make you strange.  I find going out on a beautiful great lawn and walking for miles while stopping to hit a white ball so it gets close to a hole strange, but that's just strange for me.  I hear there are a lot of people who like doing that sort of thing.

Friday, July 20, 2012

The World is going Crazy!

So I get up pretty early every morning, fix my coffee and then turn on the news.  This morning the top story is that a gunman has opened fire at a movie theater in Aurora, Co during a Batman movie.  50 injured and 14 have died so far.  WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE!

How do people decide they HATE so much that they make a plan to go into a movie theater and set off gas and start shooting?  There are those who think that I'm strange because I spank my wife.  Compared to what's going on with gunman like the Aurora shooting I'm normal.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Comments from none Domestic Discipliner's

Whether it's on this blog or my spankher4real blog, Fetlife or I just don't get some of the comments readers will make.  If you don't agree with this lifestyle, fine.  Why leave, shall we say, unfavorable comments?  I don't go to sites that promote golden showers and leave nasty comments.  What would be the point?  I'd be wasting my time.  Why would someone being reading this blog or others like it and not be into the lifestyle?

Wednesday, July 4, 2012


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