Saturday, December 31, 2016

Spankings are the Great Motivators for wives!

There have been a few things around the house that are in need of my wife's focused attention.  Over the years I've discovered that when I merely hint that something needs to get done, and she knows it's something she's been putting off, she starts getting it done.

She has a strong desire to get things done but allows other things to get in the way to distract her.  Soon there's this little thing that didn't get done and then that thing that gets put off because this other thing happened.

Over the years I've watched her add things to her schedule, or routine, that gives her an excuse for not getting something else done.  She has a way of putting things off and it takes putting her across my lap, baring her bottom and making her wish that she hadn't put things off in the first place.

She hates getting spanked but she also agrees that she needs the spanking.  Spankings are the great motivators for wives and that's not just my opinion it's hers too.


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